Valentine’s Day in Charleston: A Date Guide

Perfect Valentines Day Charleston

When it comes to romantic cities, Charleston, South Carolina is definitely one with a history of the sport. With her historic charm, shadowed by old oaks and Spanish moss, and abundance of cultural centers and beautiful parks, Charleston is a popular vacation destination for lovers—and we’ve got the best Valentine’s Vacation Plan for you.

Wine and Dine in Charleston

If you’re looking for a great place to dine with your loved one, look no further than Circa 1886. Opened in 2000, Circa has become a regional favorite, boasting world-class cuisine with a subtle Southern inspiration and healthy, distinctive spin. Chef Marc Collins incorporates whole grains into dishes and uses local, in-season products creating meals that are bright and bold without the large amounts of cream and butter typically associated with Southern flavor.

Aside from an incredible menu, the restaurant provides a great dining experience. The Service Philosophy of Circa 1886 is based on the knowledge that a great dinner isn’t just about the food or wine, but the cumulative experience. Thus the staff is professional, attentive, experienced and treats guests like part of the family. So, go – be part of the family and enjoy a romantic, wonderful and well-rounded Valentine’s dinner at Circa.

8080056437_bd24ba80e2_zRomantic Sightseeing

For nighttime enjoyment, tour the city with Classic Carriage Works—the most charming, elegant and romantic way to see the sights. Cuddle up behind the Clydesdales and Percherons and listen to the carriage driver tell you the stories of Old Charleston, haunted houses and the current culture. Have the driver take you past the Battery, and find romance in the 100-year-old oaks that line walkways and shade benches. The middle pavilion is one of the Southeast’s most popular places to marry, and you’ll see why.

After the tour, take your own walk along the waterway, watching the lights twinkle off the seawater. Or go for after-dinner drinks at High Cotton, another highly-rated restaurant in Charleston. If you stop in for a nightcap, ask the bartender for one of the daily specials. They’re always incredible. If you’re not a cocktail drinker, take a look at the wine list, an extensive selection of reds, whites and bubblies will please your pallet.

Romantic Accommodations

When it comes to intimacy, charm and moments of splendor, The Lodge Alley Inn™ is the place to be. With historic buildings and period pieces and reproductions, the walls emanate historic charm and hospitality. Original pine floors and red brick walls, thick Oriental carpets and intimate parlors will keep the romance alive and warm, as the fireplaces whisper warmth throughout the suites. Whether you stay in for an entire day, or simply use the space as your post-dinner haven, you’ll enjoy everything the suite has to offer.