Vacation Your Way to an Active Lifestyle

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Your next vacation is the perfect opportunity to jump start that fitness routine you’ve long been planning, or to spice up the one you’ve already got! Take advantage of the pause in your daily routine and use it to try new and fun activities that get you moving. It’s a great opportunity to not only commit to a healthier lifestyle, but to leave old habits behind. If you’ve always wanted a chance to get creative in your path to wellness, your vacation is your springboard!

As a first step to getting fit, clear your mind of ideas of dieting and hitting the gym. Without the stress of the daily grind, it’s easier to dream up new ways to prepare healthy, fresh meals or to work in enjoyable activities throughout each day. Sticking to plan is simple when your resort provides everything you need including a fully stocked kitchen in which to prepare delicious fare the whole family will enjoy.

Here are some tips for shaking up your routine and staying fit while on vacation.

Do a Little Planning Ahead

Do some research and look for opportunities to keep moving. Check for walking trails to help you get a few steps in and distance between your planned sightseeing destinations. Can you walk or bike to each of them?

Make Stops Along The Way

If you’re driving to your destination and plan rest stops, be sure to include time for exploring the area by taking a 20 minute walk. Stop in a local town if you can, and if that’s not possible, get a few steps in by walking the rest area. Make time to stretch your legs and work those muscles!

Shop Local

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Stock up on local produce from a Farmers’ Market and create snack-sized portions your family can take along for a quick bite on the go. Fruits will keep best and can easily be stashed in a handbag or backpack. Save the fresh veggies for creating nutritious dinner salads that’ll satisfy but won’t weigh you down.

Walk to Restaurants

When you do eat out, try to find restaurants within walking distance to work up an appetite on the way, then help digest the meal on the way back. It’ll help keep blood sugar levels down and give you more energy for evening activities.

Plan Your Route

Sightseeing usually means lots of walking, so pack comfortable clothing that allows you to move with ease. Instead of taking a trolley or car tour, opt for bicycle tours. Visiting the theme parks? You’ll likely be on your feet all day, so take advantage of the opportunity to get your steps in!

Enjoying Acting Like a Kid Again

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Play in the pool! Whether volleyball or Marco Polo, get the kids to join in on the fun (just be sure to follow pool rules). An afternoon poolside also gives you the opportunity to practice your backstroke and if you bring along some weights, why not get 20 minutes of water aerobics in. Heading to the beach? Bring a football or Frisbee.

Find Hiking and Biking Trails

From mountains to lowlands, hiking trails snake across every state and are great places to discover the local flora and fauna while getting a great workout. Be sure to bring sturdy shoes if you’re hiking along mountains, but even flat trails found in places like Florida will require a good pair of footwear. Don’t forget plenty of water, and bring those fruit snacks you’ve carefully prepared! If you prefer to pedal your way to good health, try these bike trails across the US.

Get A Little Adventurous

For beach destinations, water sports like snorkeling and kayaking are fun ways to involve the whole family in physical activity. Feel a little more daring? Take surfing lessons, or try scuba or sailing lessons. And if you’re headed to the mountains, why not try white water rafting or take a nature tour at a National Park?

Take The Stairs

Skip escalators and elevators when visiting museums, cathedrals, or even the shopping malls. If you’re really feeling ambitious, grab a quick cardio workout by running up a few flights. Challenge yourself to go home stronger than you left.

Try Some Isometrics

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Can’t find a local gym? Try a few isometric exercises that’ll help you maintain and firm muscles. Even though you don’t have equipment, you can do squats lunges and push ups in 10 second holds for each positon, for 10 minute sessions.

Make The Most of Winter Fun

Downhill skiing, snow tubing, cross-country skiing all burn tons of calories as you enjoy your stay in a winter wonderland. Motoring around the mountainside on snowmobiles may be fun, but take some time to explore snow sports. You may even want to take snowboard lesson or two.

Get Up and Dance!

After dinner, plan an evening out on the town where you can show off your dance moves, or find a Zumba class where you can learn a few new ones.

What better way to use your vacation time than to celebrate wellness and renew your spirit. You’ll not only create lasting memories, but will develop habits your family will be happy to continue at home.


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