Transforming a Business Trip into a Vacation


Your job is sending you somewhere interesting like Las Vegas or California or Florida for a conference. According to your itinerary, you’ll be seeing the inside of an airport, an airplane, a hotel room and a convention center, and may never see the light of day, let alone a local attraction or destination.

How can you possibly experience what your new locale has to offer if you spend it watching presentations? Thread some vacation into your business trip!


Take PTO Before or After

If your place of employment is flying you in and out, look into changing the dates and covering your own hotel during the time you’re not doing work activities. Pay to bring your family out too. Combining a vacation with a work trip gives you more days away from the office and uses fewer PTO days overall. Some “work trippers” will take up to a week before or after the conference to maximize the experience.

Explore Your World

Spend the time when not on the clock exploring the new city. See a musical, go hiking, check out a local restaurant that you’ve never been to before, but has great reviews. Bring your golf clubs and hit the links. Take a dip in the ocean. Try something that locals rave about. A clam chowder bread bowl in Alameda. Gumbo in New Orleans. Snorkeling in the Florida Keys. Hiking in the Red Rocks at night near Las Vegas. The possibilities are endless.

During the Business Trip Works Too

You may get an occasional free evening where there are no team-building exercises, dinners or social activities planned with your team. Instead of isolating yourself in your hotel room, take the time to crawl the city yourself or with your family and clear your mind of that day’s business activities. Even if you only get a couple hours before you have to go to sleep and be back in the conference bright and early the next day, there’s still time to craft a life experience.

Long-Term Memories

Odds are, wherever your work trip is, there will be interesting things to see and do within a short drive. Not only will you gain new experiences, but you’ll be in a great mindset when returning to the business trip or back in the office. It’s a lot easier to concentrate on work when you’re relaxed, fulfilled and less on edge. A good business trip combines solid knowledge from the business part and exploration from the non-business part. Plus, you’ll have a new vacation spot that you can return to on your own.

Ultimately, your trip away from home won’t just be speeches and presentations, but actual memories. Which will be more valuable to you as a person in the long term?