Scenic Routes Near Bluegreen Resorts

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Think about all the books about traveling, songs about the road and pictures of distant highways there are in this world. Think about the feelings of excitement you feel when you know you’re about to take a great road trip and the sense of nostalgia you feel when you see the landmarks, scenes and cities you’ve always seen in movies. The feelings of escape and adventure when you pull out of your town and onto the highway are undeniable and often sought. Man has long been fascinated with traveling the road to somewhere.  If you want to get out on the road and go somewhere during your Bluegreen vacation, we’ve got a couple ideas for you.

May we present some of the most scenic, inspiring and romantic routes to travel within the US, near our resorts across the country.

Scenic Routes

Blue Ridge Parkway

Head for the hills and stay at Laurel Crest or MountainLoft, in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The Blue Ridge Parkway travels from the Smoky Mountain National Park to Shenandoah Valley, and provides travelers excellent views and more species of birds than the entire continent of Europe. If you want to really make a trip out of it, pack your bags and head all the way over the mountains toward Shenandoah Valley to finish your vacation at Shenandoah Crossing, in Gordonsville, Virginia. Not only will the surrounding wilderness amaze you, the sense of adventure that accompanies the changing sights will lift your spirits.

Florida Keys
Overseas Highway

A road traveled by love birds, song bards, artists, writers and explorers, the Overseas Highway offers views like no other route in the United States. From the tip of mainland Florida down to Key West, the Overseas Highway will show you bright blue skies that mirror the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys and sailboats full of people without a care in the world. It’s hard not to be in love when surrounded by the beauty of the Florida Keys. Keep an eye out for dolphins, manatees and even the occasional pirate ship. And make sure you soak in some of that relaxed vibe that fills the air as soon as you reach Key Largo.


While one may not consider the arid desert a scenic route, the route from Phoenix to Flagstaff, Arizona is one of such dramatic distance that cannot help but leave its travelers in awe. From the flat, sprawling lands of the Sonoran, sprinkled with saguaro cacti and Joshua trees to the monolithic boulders, canyons and  plateaus created by the red rocks of northern Arizona, the route will show you two completely different roads. I-17 is easy to get to from Cibola Vista, and the ride to Flagstaff is only 2 hours. Take Exit 298 for a slight detour to Sedona, for views like none other.


From Newark Airport to the Holland Tunnel, New Jersey, travelers will experience a breathtaking view of lower Manhattan from an elevated highway, a panoramic of the Jersey City skyline and options to detour and see NYC greats. If you’re staying with Bluegreen at either The Manhattan Club or Atlantic Palace, this drive offers a great way to see two great cities, and an excellent way to add a city’s romance to your vacation.Florida Keys

Whichever route you decide to travel, you will find great views, beautiful landmarks and a sense of romance only found on the road. Let your surroundings enchant you and get caught up in the mystery, mystique and excitement of a new road traveled. Explore the cities you visit, and soak in the views, who knows when the next time you’ll be able to visit will be.