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Once upon a time, before we had satellite radio, TVs in the back of car seats and smart phones, traveling was tough. And by tough, we mean boring. What were you supposed to do? Talk to each other? And how were you supposed to know when you were gonna get there? Nowadays, we require awesome apps to help us get where we’re going. Because, well, what is a map, anyway?

Thankfully, we here at Bluegreen Vacations are pretty app happy, and have put together a list of some of the best travel apps for your upcoming trip to your favorite Bluegreen resort! Whether you need directions, weather updates, tips and tricks for packing or ways to keep the kids calm, we’ve got something new for you to download.

For the Outdoorsy Traveler

The North Face Trailhead

Outdoor Vacation App and ToolsHere’s the perfect app for outdoors enthusiasts. It helps you find hikes, trails, bike routes and then tracks your speed, distance and elevation once you get there. This free app even allows you to share your trail-hiking successes on facebook and Twitter.

Every Trail

This free GPS app will guide you on an easy-to-read map as you walk through, well, wherever. It provides a compass, street names, audio guides, points of interest and details about your average speed, duration and elevation. Whether your journey is along a mountainside or through the streets of Tennessee towns, you’ll have fun with this one.

For the Hungry Traveler

Local Eats Vacation App and ToolsUrban Spoon

Discover local restaurants by “shaking” your phone and watching nearby eats roll onto your screen like a slot machine. This handy app uses your GPS location to pick popular restaurants, based on your input preferences. It’s great for travelers who enjoy food and wine experiences in places like New Orleans and Miami.


Filled to the brim with local eats, and topped off with real-people reviews and advice, this app gets you fed. Whether you want burritos or beignets, type your preference into Yelp and it’ll show you what’s considered the best, what’s the closest and what’s in your price range. It’s perfect for vacations in busy cities like Las Vegas.

For the Photographer


Photography Vacation App and ToolsThis free and oh-so-fun app stitches together your consecutive camera shots into a panoramic image. Send 360-degree photos of the things you see to friends and family, and prepare to be the object of envy. This app is compatible with apple products with iOS 4.0 or later.


Post cards are so not the rave anymore. Go for Postale, an e-card that captures your best memories, allows you to customize them into fun greetings and messages and then share them via email, Facebook and Twitter! This fun app even incorporates destination-based stamps onto the message, giving proof to your travels!