6 Tips That Will Make You a Better Snowboarder


Snowboarding slid onto the winter sports scene in the 1920s. The original models were constructed using boards from the sides of barrels. Those eager for a little winter thrill would tie the plywood boards together with clothesline and use horse reigns to keep their feet in place as they slid down snow-covered hills. Throughout the 70s and 80s, snowboarding pioneers developed new equipment and brought the sport into the national spotlight. By 1998, the sport had even carved its way into a Winter Olympic event.

Like most outdoor sports, snowboarding can only be mastered through practice and discipline. Know your limits. The important thing is to be safe at all times and enjoy! We found some snowboarding tips provided by SAFE USA:

Six Snowboarding Tips

Get into shape. Snowboarding is a demanding sport—so make sure you are physically fit before you hit the slopes.

Take lessons. For your convenience, group and individual lessons are available at Christmas Mountain Village snowboard park from experienced instructors.

Play it safe. Having a snowboard strapped to your feet doesn’t make you an extreme winter athlete. Before you attempt jumping maneuvers, learn the proper techniques to help avoid spinal injuries. But when you do jump, we hope you stick it!

Snowboarding Kid Holding BoardGet fitted for proper equipment. Make sure that every piece of your snowboarding gear is in good condition for your snowboarding experience. Visit a local ski shop to have your bindings adjusted correctly. Wrist guards and knee pads can protect you when you fall.

Wear a helmet. A lot of fashionable styles exist so don’t worry about not looking cool. (One study shows that helmet use could prevent or reduce the severity of nearly half of head injuries to adults and more than half of head injuries to children less than 15 years old.)

Learn how to fall. Even the best snowboarders fall—you will too. So learn to do it correctly. Mastering the technique of falling will help reduce the risk of injury. Now brush yourself off and get back on your board.

If you’re in the mood for the fastest run possible during your vacation, wait until the afternoon or early evening. The hills get faster as more traffic slides down them. So you can definitely count on feeling the surge of adrenaline rush past the tip of your icy nose as you hammer downward on a fast-paced trip to the bottom of the hill. Just be careful not to bonk something (hitting an object) along the way.

Take these tips to heart, and you’ll enjoy a better and safer snowboarding experience on your next winter sports vacation!