The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens® Williamsburg and Water Country USA®

The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens Meltdown

You’re a roller coaster fanatic. You like the water coasters that splash the maximum amount of water right into your lap. You enjoy the state of being twisted upside down, taken to dizzying heights and dropped into freefall, all in the name of fun.

The twin parks of Busch Gardens® and Water Country USA® in Williamsburg, VA, have enough options for thrilling rides that your head will spin before you even get on the ride. Here are the five that we’ve rated the scariest – but in a good way.







The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens Alpengeist

Busch Gardens says Alpengeist has been rated in the top 10 for steel coasters, and for good reason. It’s an inverted ride, meaning that you’re strapped underneath the car with your legs dangling in midair. If that’s not thrilling enough, Alpengeist reaches as high as 195 feet and flies as fast as 67 miles per hour. Experience the thrill of an out-of-control ski lift on this coaster that means Ghost of the Alps in German.

Vanish Point

The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens Vanish Point

Over in Water Country USA, these twin waterslides offer an exciting choice: should you go with the green slide? If so, step into the skybox, cross your arms, and watch as the floor literally drops out from beneath you! Then, there’s the blue slide, built for speed, which whisks you straight down as soon as you get in. No matter which slide you choose, you’ll end up with a big splash when the slide is finished.


The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens Tempesto

The newest coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg (at least until InvadR opens in 2017), Tempesto is a steel, launch-style coaster that boasts a full inversion at a height of 154 feet and a top speed of 63 miles per hour. This ride will let you recreate the stunts of a fictional Italian daredevil named Tempesto. This is what the modern roller coaster experience feels like.


The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens Meltdown

Meltdown is of many fast inner tube rides at Water Country USA, and its unique inner-tube toboggan can hold up to three people. You’ll be flying up the ice banks as you speed over the edge and into a three-foot pool. Try not to have a real-life meltdown, regardless of how fast you’re going.


The Five Most Thrilling Rides at Busch Gardens Verbolten

Styled as a trip down the Autobahn before a trip into a haunted black forest, this European car-shaped roller coaster is one to try if you like huge plunges. It’s got an 88-foot one at the end, not to mention the eighteen-foot vertical drop that the entire train takes in the middle! Part of the Verbolten experience is indoors, complete with holographics.

Unbeatable Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA Offer

Whichever thrill ride you choose, you’ll want the Bluegreen 2-Park Flex Ticket offer, which includes a 4-night hotel stay and park tickets. Pick a new thrill ride each day or ride on them consecutively. Who knows? You could agree with this top 5, or maybe you’ll find a new favorite that’s not even listed here!


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