Why Bluegreen Timeshare?

Why Bluegreen Timeshare?

“Ryan” works at the front desk at an urban Bluegreen Vacations resort. His guests expect to see him in the same setting day after day. If not at his desk keying in check-in info, he’s at an elevator loading luggage or walking someone to the door to point out a restaurant down the street. Those guests also expect to see Ryan in some variation of the same wardrobe style day after day—pressed slacks, Bluegreen Vacations polo. They don’t expect to see him in shorts and a tee shirt—or on vacation at a different Bluegreen timeshare resort hundreds of miles away.

So when a husband and wife spotted him with his friends outside their beach resort and hurried over to greet him by name, Ryan was flattered. But mostly he was stunned. He’d been at his resort just a year—this couple couldn’t have been guests there more than once or twice since his arrival. Could he really have left that strong of an impression in such short time that now they’d recognize him anywhere?

It’s no stretch to believe that to be true. Bluegreen timeshare hospitality staff members from resorts coast to coast get special praise in satisfaction surveys all the time. Owners and guests single out managers, front desk clerks, housekeepers, food servers and bartenders, even maintenance team members, by name. They rave that Bluegreen timeshare staff members like Ryan always seem to exceed expectations, even if it sometimes requires stepping outside normal job duties. One guest actually wrote of Ryan: “I would return for his service alone.”

If you’ve ever filled out any kind of satisfaction survey in today’s busy world, you know how easy it is to just click the box in the email and then page forward to the next question. Even if you click “10” for “highly satisfied,” it takes something special to motivate you to provide optional elaboration. And yet Bluegreen timeshare owners often launch into great detail as they describe specific acts of hospitality.

If you find the service cold and impersonal where you vacation, then it may be time to explore Bluegreen timeshare while taking your own family vacation. Visit Bluegreen Getaways today.

Company With a PurposeA Company With a Purpose

Warm, personal hospitality at Bluegreen timeshare resorts is no accident. Bluegreen Vacations is a company with a purpose: to share happiness. Bluegreen believes people are happier when they can experience happy moments together with friends and loved ones. People come home from happy vacations with a sunny outlook that sustains them through everyday ups and downs and gets them excited when looking forward to their next vacation.

What kind of vacation would make you happy? Doing something outdoorsy in the mountains? Sunning in the subtropics? Reliving your own childhood theme park experiences with your children or grandchildren? Now imagine returning each night to a resort staff that listens, understands your needs, and removes (or anticipates and averts) obstacles to your enjoyment. That’s Bluegreen timeshare. The Bluegreen Vacation Club is the engine that powers the Bluegreen purpose.

How It Works

Here’s a brief look at how the club works: You’re given a personal account into which Bluegreen deposits points. You “pay” for resort stays using those points, and Bluegreen replenishes your full total every 12 months. You own prepaid vacations for the rest of your life at more than 60 Bluegreen timeshare resorts. You can even bequeath your ownership to your children and give them the gift of lifelong vacations. The quality, flexibility and choice that come with Bluegreen timeshare ownership amount to a value proposition that sets Bluegreen Vacations apart.


A higher level of hospitality is only one expression of the quality in store for Bluegreen timeshare owners. Another is the elevated level of customer care and support. It begins with respectful and professional sales presentations conducted in comfortable settings and enhanced by touch-screen technology. It’s apparent during the first stages of new ownership, when phone consultations, webinars and other proactive educational measures all help novice owners manage their accounts and understand their vacation choices. And it continues throughout ownership, personified by vacation specialists who explain expanding benefits, answer questions, and resolve any issues that may arise, via phone, email and online chat.

Quality TimeshareIn addition, Bluegreen has enhanced the quality and value of even basic ownerships through business partnerships with such leading companies as Choice Hotels® and Enterprise Rent-A-Car®. All Bluegreen owners are entitled to discounted overnight stays at Choice’s 11 brands and preferred car rental rates from any fleet in the Enterprise family, which also includes National® Car Rental and Alamo® Rent A Car. And owners who elect to upgrade at nominal annual fee to Traveler Plus level earn even more benefits from Choice as well as theater and restaurant discounts, printable coupons for a variety of household products and services, and much more.

And of course there’s the resort experience. Unlike motel or hotel rooms, Bluegreen timeshare units, from studio singles to “Presidentials” that sleep 10 or more, all provide the kinds of amenities—spacious living areas, kitchen appliances, washer-dryers—and special touches in ambience and room design that make owners feel at home at all times. But resort experiences also include a host of recreational amenities such as Bluegreen’s Wakoola Springs, the world-class pool in Orlando; Glitz, the 24/7 casino in Aruba; and Cibola Vista, the desert spa in Arizona.

It can be argued, too, that a resort’s proximity to major vacation attractions is an often-underrated amenity. If that’s true, then consider:

• The Fountains is Orlando is 3 minutes by car down the street from SeaWorld®.

• Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square™ in Virginia is next door to historic Williamsburg.

• Grand Villas at World Golf Village® is steps from the World Golf Hall of Fame™.

• Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace is right on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

• 18 resorts in Florida, plus others in Alabama, South Carolina and Massachusetts, not to mention Aruba, Nassau, and Kauai, are on a Beach.


Besides quality, Bluegreen timeshare owners appreciate the flexibility in vacation planning permitted within the Bluegreen Vacation Club. Let’s take a closer look.

Most traditional timeshare is fixed-week. That means owners are locked in at their deeded resort the same number of nights on the same dates year after year. Maybe that suits someone single-minded with an interest that’s geographically limited and highly seasonal. A skier might buy the same week at the same resort every January. Fine. What happens when that skier discovers he or she loves golf even more?

Boyne Mountain SkiingIf you’re a Bluegreen timeshare owner, the answer’s easy. You’re in a points-based club, so you’re not tied to any one resort or check-in and checkout dates. The only limitations are the points in your account and availability of units at the resort you desire. If you’re a prudent planner able to schedule in advance, then there’s no reason you can’t do what you want on a vacation where and when you want.

If you love skiing, then book a wintertime stay at Mountain Run at Boyne in Michigan, Christmas Mountain Village in Wisconsin or The Innsbruck Aspen in Colorado. If you love golf, then book time in Florida, Myrtle Beach … or Mountain Run at Boyne, Christmas Mountain and The Innsbruck Aspen. All happen to be great resorts for multiple year-round vacation interests including seasonal golf.


Which brings us to choice. Whatever the vacation experience you want to craft, chances are you can count on a Bluegreen Vacations resort being nearby.

If you’ve always dreamed of hiking Mount LeConte, there are two Bluegreen resorts in the Smokies. If you want to go whale watching off Provincetown, there are two Bluegreen resorts on Cape Cod. There are two resorts in Orlando, too, but if you’ve already taken the kids to the theme parks there and want to try something different, Bluegreen timeshare is also 5 minutes from both Busch Gardens® Williamsburg in Virginia and Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. You also can plan a boating vacation in Missouri because Bluegreen has four resorts in the Ozarks—or a beach vacations in Florida, because you could trace the shape of the peninsula and panhandle by connecting coastal resort dots from St. Augustine to Panama City.

Bluegreen Beach VacationBut travel to Bluegreen timeshare represents only a fraction of your vacation choices as a Bluegreen owner. You can exchange your Bluegreen Vacation Points for vacations with the global RCI® network and other exchange partners. You literally can select from more than 4,000 resort, hotel and cruise options worldwide. As a Bluegreen owner, you’d never be short on choices that will create lifelong smiles.

Why Wait?

There’s nothing like sharing happiness. See for yourself. Discover the benefits of of Bluegreen timeshare while taking a family vacation of your own. Visit Bluegreen Getaways today.