Set Your Sights to Wakeboard in Lake Pleasant

Wakeboard Lake Pleasant

If you’ve decided to plan a trip to Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria, Arizona, you probably want to spend a lot of your time outdoors exploring the desert, lakes and nearby cities. The lakes in Arizona can provide much needed refreshment, as the heavy sun and dry air can create a savage thirst for cool waters. Lake Pleasant is the closest body of water to Cibola Vista Resort and Spa, and plays host to tourists and Arizonans throughout the spring and summer. When the skies heat up, athletes flock to the waters to better their skills in wakeboarding.

Even if You Have Never Been Wakeboarding, There are Options for You

Wakeboarding has become a popular pastime among Arizona athletes. This high-energy, high-endurance sport is a fun way to catch up with friends and family, see the sights and stay cool in the desert heat. If you’re planning a vacation to Arizona, jump on the bandwagon and see what wakeboarding is all about. Whether you’ve never heard of the sport or are a seasoned boarder, Invert Sports has everything you need to get started and have a good time. The water sports specialists at Invert Sports service all the lakes in Arizona, and can bring you what you need, when you need it. You can get your boat, gear and instructor delivered to you at Lake Pleasant with just one call.

When you call Invert Sports to get started on your wakeboarding adventure, you will find they have all the best wakeboarding boats, including MasterCraft, Hyperlite and Liquid Force. All of the instructors are trained to teach lessons at every skill level. So if you have a family or group of friends with mixed skill levels of experience in wakeboarding, the same instructor will adapt in meeting the needs of each individual. The lessons are helpful for beginners who may need help getting up on the board, intermediate athletes who want to learn 360s and tantrums and experienced boarders who want to see just how far they can push their experience.

Wakeboard in Lake PleasantBoat charters and tours are available for half-, full- and multi-day trips. If you are not too sure you’ll love the sport, you can try it out by opting for the half-day. If you decide you love it and want to hone in on a few skills, change your plans and schedule more time to work the waves. If you find you’re a natural, catch up with the athletes in the Arizona Wakeboard Association.

The group hosts events and competitions for wakeboarding lovers in Arizona. If you find your skills are good enough for competition, join! If you want to just catch a sideline view of the tricks and spins, you’re more than welcome to watch. Wakeboarding is a fun sport that spurs camaraderie between its athletes. If you can pull yourself up and stay in the wake, you are one of them. So get out there and try it during your next vacation to Cibola Vista Resort and Spa! Who knows, you may be the next best thing.