Top Thrill Rides in Las Vegas

Top Thrill Rides in Las Vegas

Calling all thrill seekers!

It’s time to double down and go all in for adrenaline rushes that will take you to the extreme and beyond. These are the seven most sinfully exhilarating thrill rides in Las Vegas—and they’re all sure bets for winning experiences. No bluffing!


Look, up in the sky… it’s a great big mechanical arm extending 64 feet beyond the Stratosphere Tower and dangling passengers more than 900 feet above Las Vegas. Insanity the ride lives up to its name and then some. This mind-blowing experience is not for the faint of heart but rewards those with an abundance of courage. Every up-in-the-air adventure spins riders with a staggering 3 Gs of force. The fearless are then catapulted to an angle of 70 degrees, titling their bodies straight down—a totally insane position even for a ride of this magnitude!

El Loco

The Adventuredome™ at Circus Circus is home to a compact coaster that travels across 1,300 feet of electric yellow track in just 72 seconds. But this ride makes every second count. Riders sit in a four-person open-carriage vehicle that simulates flying and begins with a lateral G turn. Next up is a 90-foot drop featuring a negative 1.5 vertical G that goes into a 45-degree banked curve. Cars then send riders careening into a donut roll and 180-degree turn through a twisting barrel roll with reverse 240-degree roll into an inverted drop. All the while a custom soundtrack plays at each seat. El Loco is crazy fun!

SkyJump™ Las Vegas

SkyJump™ Las VegasThose with nerves of steel can test their mettle by leaping into a controlled free falling frenzy from the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Tower. With an official height of 829 feet, the SkyJump is the Guinness World Records™ holder for highest “commercial decelerator descent”. Jumpers are required to take a short safety lesson from an extensively trained Jump Master before they take the plunge. After the training, skyjumpers are connected to harnesses on a vertical wire for dizzying drops before being slowed down by a descender machine to produce safe landings.

Big Shot

Standing tall atop the Stratosphere in the heart of Sin City is a scream-inducing monolithic tower known as the Big Shot. From its 921-foot-high platform, those who dare will be strapped into a chair with a floorless bottom to ascend an additional 160 feet at a rate of 45 mph with 4 Gs of gut-busting force. Once at the top, riders are promptly shot back down and then up again for another white-knuckle lift. The brave are left with magnificent views of the Las Vegas Valley—and their feet dangling 1,081 above the city’s skyline.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

There’s no need to jump out of a perfectly safe airplane to go skydiving when you can enjoy the same freefalling fun inside a building. Vegas Indoor Skydiving has been giving guests an opportunity to earn their wings since 1982 with simulated skydive experiences. All this aerial excitement is made possible through the use of a Vertical Wind Tunnel, which blows and circulates with enough force to keep an average adult floating while wearing the required flight gear. Every jump takes place in a controlled environment featuring foam padded walls and a bouncy trampoline floor. You’ll definitely want to become a frequent flyer.

The Big Apple Coaster

Big Shot Las VegasThere’s only one place to go on the rooftop of New York-New York® Hotel & Casino—and that’s up, on the steel rails of the Big Apple Coaster. This family-friendly thrill ride carries riders up a 203-foot hill for awe-inspiring views of the Vegas Strip before plummeting down 144 feet at a pulse-raising 67 mph into fighter pilot’s barrel roll. As if bloodcurdling 180-degree turns weren’t enough, an 86-foot inverted loop flips the whole experience upside down. Last, but certainly not least, is one final rush with some negative Gs through the notorious “heartline” twist and dive.

Exotics Racing®

Put yourself in the driver’s seat, rev a high-performance engine, hit the accelerator and tear up the track at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Exotics Racing is the Ultimate Driving Experience for those who want to push performance limits inside a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550, Ferrari F430 F1, Porsche Cayman S, Audi R8 V10, Nissan GTR, Aston Martin Vantage S, Mercedes SLS AMG or Corvette C7 Stingray Z51. These advanced supercars cars were made for racing and this track is definitely not for Sunday drives. The price for participation includes classroom instruction, one-on-one coaching, mandatory insurance and helmets.

Photo Credit: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, Matt Belton and Stratosphere Hotel & Casino via cc