Top Pizza Places in Manhattan

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When you vacation in New York City you will see pizza places on every corner. There are endless options for places to go for a perfect slice or whole pie. The good thing about pizza is you can keep it simple and chomp on a slice of New York-style cheese pizza from a takeout. Or you could sit down with wine and try a specialty pie with gourmet combinations. You could even take advantage of the luxury accommodations at The Manhattan Club and make yourself at home, with delivery of an Italian feast. If you ask any New Yorker, they will probably say their own list of five different places, but check out the following five we know are worth a try:

5 Top Pizza Places in Manhattan

  1. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
  2. When dining out on your vacation, make like the first lady and enjoy coal-fired brick oven pizzas at tables covered in red and white checkered table cloths. Michelle Obama was spotted at Grimaldi’s trying a variety of pizzas with friends and family, so it must be good. It is an award-winning place that always has a line out the door because of the crispy crust, tasty sauce and melted cheeses.

    John's PizzeriaThey keep their menu super simple with just antipasti, salads, pizza, desserts, and drinks. Whole pizzas are available with classic toppings like mushrooms, pepperoni, and olives. They were featured on the Travel Channel TV show, Food Wars, here they beat out our next option for top pizza spots, John’s of Bleecker Street, in a pizza war. They have locations throughout New York including one less than 10 minutes or 2 miles from The Manhattan Club. Their original Brooklyn location is also a quick train or cab ride, less than 10 miles away.

  3. John’s of Bleecker Street
  4. Feast on Italian favorites on your vacation at John’s. They were founded in 1929 by John Sasso and are one of the oldest pizzerias in the city. Similar to many of the other options that made our list, they pride themselves on using a coal fired brick oven to cook their pizzas to perfection. The menu features two sizes of whole pizzas with toppings like tomatoes, meatballs, and ricotta, as well as calzones. They also offer pastas such as spaghetti, stuffed shells, manicotti and ravioli with meat or marinara sauce, along with salads and plenty of drinks to wash it all down. They have received plenty of praise, including an appearance on Food Network’s Best of Series. It is easy to get from your resort to John’s, since it is less than 2 miles from their East 64th Street location or around 3 miles and 10 minutes from the The Manhattan Club to the Bleecker Street location.

  5. Lombardi’s Pizzeria
  6. Established in 1905, Lombardi’s prides themselves on creating the first-ever American pizzeria. A perfect place to check out on your NYC getaaway, they offer an old school atmosphere, with checkered table cloths and black and white photographs filling the restaurant.  It’s no surprise this spot was named as one of the 5 best pizza places in Manhattan. Chef, author, and television personality Anthony Bourdain has even claimed this pizza joint as one of his NY Food Faves when asked by popular website Daily Candy, and Zagat reviewers claimed it as the “best on the planet.”

    They are known for their use of fresh, quality ingredients, expertly prepared in coal fired ovens. Guests can enjoy salads, calzones and of course delicious white or original pizzas, with a choice of classic toppings. Take a break from sightseeing to dine at the Lombardi’s in Soho, which is located just 4 miles or 15 minutes from The Manhattan Club.


  7. Angelo’s
  8. Angelo’s is a pizza place that won’t disappoint. When you want to eat close to the hotel, it is just minutes away. They know a thing or two about pizza, since the owners are related to owners of a couple of other pizza places that have become well known in New York, Nick’s and Patsy’s.  Angelo’s has served up soups, salads, pizzas, pastas and desserts since 1998. Similar to the other top pizza spots that made our list, they too have a coal-burning oven from the early 1900s to create their thin, crisp pizzas, piled high with toppings.

  9. Otto Enoteca Pizzeria
  10. Otto, the creation of well-known American celebrity chef, writer and restaurateur, Mario Batali, is the place to relax, dine, and listen to music, in a lively surrounding. On your vacation, you’ll especially love sipping wines from their extensive list, featuring over 800 bottles. But what really stands out are their gourmet pizzas. Their pizza dough is cooked on a flatiron griddle, causing the thin crust to evolve into a satisfying crispy creation. They have a special pizza each day of the week and the menu also includes interesting combinations to try like the Pane Frattau, featuring tomato, Pecorino and egg or the Fennel & Bottarga, with tomato, raw fennel, Bottarga, Pecorino, and mozzarella. Or just go for a classic mushroom or margherita pizzas, which are just as delicious.Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

    They truly transport you to Italy, with their classic Italian cuisine, plus tasty treats like their house-cured meats, olives, and cheeses, antipasti, brushetta, and pasta dishes. Also a big hit amongst diners, they offer excellent desserts. End the meal on a sweet note with their homemade gelato, with unique and exciting flavors to savor. Otto is just 10 minutes from the The Manhattan Club.