Top 10 Things to Do in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Shimmering lights, sandy beaches and elegant strolls are some of the most popular Atlantic City attractions. From its inception, Atlantic City shimmered with socialites drawn to its Boardwalk. The appeal remains as thousands come to get away or to get in the thick of the action. From fast-paced gaming to a relaxing day on the bay, there’s a lot to see and do while visiting Atlantic City:

  1. The Atlantic City Boardwalk
  2. The heart of Atlantic City. This is one of America’s most nostalgic landmarks. Over the years the Boardwalk has grown, yet the old time feeling is still very present.

    Atlantic City Beach

  3. Steel Pier
  4. Brilliantly colored carnival rides and games make this a must see attraction. A day at the Steel Pier is a great excuse to act like a kid again. Go at night to see all the lights on the rides sparkle.

  5. Atlantic City Beach
  6. The beach is what has drawn tourists to Atlantic City for years. It can be calm and tranquil, yet for the water sport enthusiast it is a perfect destination as well. Surfing, kayaking, and windsurfing are some of the activities to watch for here.

  7. Borgata Comedy Club
  8. Laugh out loud funny, the comedians at the Borgata Comedy Club come from all over. There is a good mix of very well known performers and some new bright, up and coming comedians.

    Cuba Libre Food

  9. Cuba Libre
  10. Feel the Caribbean pulse and island breeze at this Cuban inspired restaurant. Tangy tropical flavors are infused into every bite at Cuba Libre. Late night Latin fiestas go on every weekend. Make sure to bring your dancing shoes.

  11. Atlantic City Historical Museum
  12. Memorabilia and artifacts help tell the story of how this glimmering city was built. Photographs, sheet music, and live videos are amongst the pieces used to weave the entertaining story of Atlantic City’s foundation.

  13. The Walk
  14. Didn’t win the jackpot? Visiting the Atlantic City Outlets at The Walk is always a sure bet. The shopping and entertainment plaza has stores like Coach, Old Navy, and Guess Factory.

  15. Atlantic City Golfing
  16. There’s nothing like the combination of blue skies and rolling green landscapes. The Atlantic City area offers plenty of golf course options. So if hitting the links is your thing, bring your clubs and checklist—then mark off all of the courses conquered.Absecon Lighthouse

  17. Casa di Napoli
  18. This inviting eatery can be found on the first floor of Showboat Casino. Either decide to take your dinner as you float along the water, or just dine in a carefree welcoming environment. The portions are overflowing and the taste equals in size.

  19. Absecon Lighthouse
  20. Climb up one of the tallest lighthouses in the country to take in the magnificent view of Atlantic City’s harbor. Built in 1857, the lighthouse has undergone some renovation and is now open with a replica of the lightkeeper’s dwelling.