Tips to Get Your Beach Body Ready

Tips to Get Your Beach Body Ready

Is this you? Every time summer approaches, the thought of putting on a bathing suit keeps you up at night. You want to look great for your vacation in Miami, the Florida Keys, or maybe Myrtle Beach. Your excitement is replaced by sheer panic when you realize that your “beach body” is not ready. No need to worry! If you start early and stick to a plan, you will be able to get that prime beach body in no time!

Here are some quick tips on how to lose weight quickly so you can flaunt that new, toned beach body.

Will Power

You can take comfort in knowing that 90% of losing weight is mental. You truly have to possess the will and desire to get into shape. Once you’ve committed, think about what you want to achieve, set some goals, and write them down. It helps to keep a journal tracking what you eat and your workouts. Once you have made the decision to get fit, stick to it! Use the desire to show off a solid beach body as motivation to keep you going.

Be Realistic

You want results and you want them fast, especially if you need to get into shape for your vacation. Factor in how much time you have before you arrive at your beach vacation resort. Getting fit and getting healthy happens over time. Your goal is to drop body fat, not just lose water weight. A target of losing 20 pounds in two weeks is an unhealthy goal. Doctors recommend that you lose an average two pounds per week.

Beach BodyIt’s Time

Start early! The sooner you decide to get into shape, the better. Unfortunately, you can’t go from flab to abs overnight. It’s best to allot four to six weeks to see significant results. This will allow you to form great habits and get on a regular fitness routine that works for you.

Healthy Diet

Starving yourself is not the answer! Though it may seem like the easiest solution, this will not help you get into shape ultimately. Denying your body the proper nutrients it needs to function will only cause further problems down the road. Any short-term weight loss you have will not be sustainable. It is important to make good choices when it comes to food.

Try eating either five or six well-balanced mini meals or three well-balanced meals per day. You should figure out what method works best with your life and schedule. Avoid foods with refined sugars, like white bread and pasta. Instead, eat a healthy diet of lean chicken, turkey, fruits, vegetables, wheat bread, and brown rice. Cut down on foods with heavy sauces and don’t drown that salad with tons of fatty dressings. Replace the Starbucks coffee and high sugar drinks with water, and lots of it. Tea also serves as a tasty alternative, providing a ton of antioxidants.


It’s time to get moving! The key is to combine cardiovascular activity to burn your fat with a strength-training regimen to build muscle tone. To reduce your body fat ratio, start doing high-intensity cardiovascular exercises. This will help you burn off that layer of fat to reveal toned muscles underneath. Hop on a treadmill or go for a run three to six times a week. Start off slowly in the beginning to avoid injury.

Beach BodyYour cardio session should clock in at 30 minutes per day at the start of your fitness routine. As you get further along, start increasing the amount of time spent doing cardio. To create that toned appearance, weight train two to four times a week. Tackle each muscle group all at once or split it up during the week. Start with low weights in the beginning to prevent injury.

Resist the Scale

Don’t make the mistake of weighing yourself every day. Your weight can fluctuate up to five pounds every week due to water weight. Try weighing yourself once per week to track your progress. Your clothes will start to feel loose and you will know you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

Putting the time in and keeping a positive outlook will definitely pay dividends, helping you to get into shape and achieve that beach body. By following these easy tips to tone up and slim down, you will soon be turning heads when you show off your hot beach body.

Tips To Get Beach Body Ready