The Most Delicious Food Tours in America

Most Delicious Food Tours in America

One of the best things about travel is being exposed to new places, people, and traditions, and one of the best ways to experience all three is through food! Great food tours are a growing trend, with many vacation destinations now attracting visitors through epicurean excursions that showcase local culinary delights. Check out some of the most popular food tours below, and “bon apetít!”

Take a Bite of the Big Apple

Claiming to be the first food tasting and cultural walking tour, Foods of New York has been taking visitors to some of the city’s most popular dining spots as well as many hidden gems for years, from exotic Chinatown to Little Italy, and charming Greenwich Village to the cultural melting pot of Brooklyn. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, they even offer cooking classes!

Taste New Orleans Cultural Fusion

Finding great food is easy in “the Big Easy,” where French, African, Spanish and Southern cultures have each influenced the food, architecture, music and traditions of this unique and magical city. From seafood jambalaya to layered mufaletta sandwiches, and savory crawfish etouffé to flavorful coffee with chickory, your taste buds will experience the best of Cajun and Creole cuisine on a food tour of New Orleans! Explore your options at

Savor the “Sabor” of Miami

“Sabor” means “flavor” in Spanish, which is good to know on a visit to bilingual Miami. Known as the “Gateway to Latin America,” Miami’s distinct Latin flavor is reflected in everything from its art, architecture, music, and of course its food! Miami features a treasure trove of restaurants serving up varied and updated versions of diverse culinary traditions, from Peruvian ceviche to Colombian-style empanadas, and Brazilian feijoada to the classic Cuban medianoche sandwich. With treks through Little Havana, trendy Wynwood and sultry South Beach, Miami Culinary Tours provides foodies with a range of dining experiences as diverse as the cultures they represent. Learn more at

Try a Charleston ChewTry a Charleston Chew

Besides oozing Southern hospitality and charming antebellum architecture, this quintessential southern town has become a gastronomical hotspot, with dozens of new restaurants serving up timeless and traditional Lowcountry favorites that incorporate local seafood, meats and spices infused with a brand new twist. To walk, talk and taste your way through Charleston, check out the available tours at