The Best Christmas Destinations In The U.S.

Instead of going through the same old holiday routine, try something new this year. Wrap up your traditions and celebrate away from home. And don’t worry—whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you can still enjoy an exciting vacation getaway. To help you decide where to go, we’ve made out a list of the best Christmas destinations in the United States. You can even check it twice…

radio-city-christmasNew York City, New York

For those dreaming of a white Christmas, New York City is a top destination. This bustling metropolis is always decked out in blankets of snow during the winter season, and dazzling displays of holiday decorations help make the spirit bright. When it comes to Christmas trees, one towers above the rest—the spectacular giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Be sure to bring your camera and capture all of its glittering beauty. If you like to feel Jack Frost nipping at your nose, lace up some skates and hit the ice on one of the frozen lakes in Central Park. Step inside Radio City Music Hall to warm up with a stunning performance by the Rockettes. These dancers always kick it up during Christmastime.

Aspen, Colorado

When it come to winter wonderlands, it’s hard to top the awesome beauty of Aspen. Colorado’s Rocky Mountains offer some of the country’s best skiing and outdoor activities on the planet. In the heart of the vibrant city, you can enjoy numerous Après-ski social events. Come nightfall, the Christmas getaway is alive with colorful bursts of fireworks sparking under the stars. Speaking of stars, the rich and famous love to vacation in this charming destination. So there’s a snowball’s chance you just might rub shoulders with someone who has dressed up as Santa Claus for a role on the Silver Screen during your Christmas getaway to Aspen, Colorado. chicago-christmas

Chicago, Illinois

Michigan Avenue, in the heart of downtown Chicago, is one of the most famous streets in America. And during the Christmas season, it’s also one of the most decorated. The street is also home to world-class shopping. So, if you’re looking for that perfect last minute gift, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find it here. Grab a bite to eat at Macy’s popular Walnut Room. You’ll be seated next to a magnificent Christmas tree—talk about ambiance. For a hot and refreshing treat, sip Christmas tea at the Drake Hotel. You’ll find German Christmas Markets throughout Daley Plaza with vendors selling fresh roasted chestnuts and spiced mulled wine. It’s an exciting place to enjoy some Christmas cheer.

Charleston, South Carolina

Having a holly, jolly good time during the Christmas season in Charleston is easy. That’s because this historic city really gets into holiday celebrations. The Holiday Festival of Lights features millions of multi-colored lights sparkling and shining across the city of Charleston. But there’s more than lights. Feast your eyes on homemade gingerbread houses and read verses from giant Christmas cards created by local students. You can even ride a Victorian carousel. Of course there will be plenty of sweets to enjoy, too—like mouthwatering treats from Santa’s Sweet Shoppe. This event is not to be missed and for good reason! Coastal Living recognizes it as “One of the Top 10 Holiday Celebrations” and the Southeast Tourism Society says it’s one of “The Top 20 Events in the Southeast.” christmas-miami

Miami, Florida

No snow? No problem. This vacation paradise is all about the sunshine. So slather on the sunscreen and leave your winter jackets at home. It’s easy to shake off the cold in Miami as you discover how Latin cultures celebrate the Christmas season. You may need an umbrella to keep the rain off your head, but you’ll never have to worry about getting snowed in.   Photo Credits: Stephen Luke, Goatling, Marc Banks via cc