Take a Tour of the Samuel Adams® Factory

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour

Sam Adams, one of the most popular names in the beer category, is inviting you into its factory for tours to see exactly how they make and bottle their refreshing adult beverages! Discover a sampling of the wonderful flavors brewing on your next Cape Cod vacation.

Crafty Suds

A kitchen is the best place to brew up tasty concoctions. Especially when America is thirsty for a flavorful beer distinctly different from the majority of beer available in the bars and marketplaces. And that’s exactly what Jim Koch did in 1984 when he used his father’s recipe to craft the first batch of Samuel Adams Boston Lager® beer. Certain he had made something the public would crave, Jim brought samples to local bars in the area. The beer was well received by those who drank it, and in 1985, Samuel Adams® began pouring in 25 bars and restaurants throughout Boston. The name was chosen because Sam Adams was Jim Koch’s favorite American patriot. Sam Adams’ father was also a brewmaster—so it just made perfect sense.

Boston Brewin’

The Boston Beer Company is an American Craft Brewer—that means it’s small, independent and traditional. Samuel Adams, the company’s flagship brand, produces less than six million barrels of craft beer per year using only the finest all-natural ingredients and the four-vessel brewing process that gives the beer its full, rich flavor. By comparison, companies not considered craft brewers produce in excess of 100 million barrels per year. Beer lovers can choose from more than 30 award-winning styles of Samuel Adams beer. In the past five years, The Boston Beer Company has won more international beer tasting competitions than any other brewer in the world.

Take a Tour of the Samuel Adams® FactoryThe company has also been recognized as one the best companies to work for in America. And that’s because Jim Koch believes in creating a culture that celebrates beer. Those who work at the Boston Beer Company have a passion for brewing and a thirst for new knowledge. They inspire creativity and push boundaries with amazing results. And everyone shares success. According to Jim Koch, every employee goes through a rigorous training program that identifies all the ingredients, brewing techniques, beer styles and how to care for the beer when it leaves the factory. Members of the craft beer family aren’t just beer lovers—they’re also protectors of the brand. The team is able to accurately identify beers with flavors that fall short and a quickly bring it up to standards. A wholesaler once asked Jim Koch why he invests so much in training, if those highly trained employees just end up seeking jobs at bigger companies. “What if I didn’t train them and they stayed,” he said.

Take the free hour-long tour and see where Jim Koch and his team are Brewing the American Dream® for lovers of craft beer around the world. During this guided experience you’ll learn about the unique craft brewing process from start to finish. Along the way, you’ll get to hold, smell and taste the malts and hops used to make this wonderful beer. Best of all, those 21 years of age and older can enjoy free samples in the tasting room at the end of the tour.

Samuel Adams® Factory TourTour Hours
Monday through Thursday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Tours depart every 45 minutes. A donation of $2 is suggested that benefits local charities.

Samuel Adams is located in Boston and can be enjoyed in all 50 states and more than 20 foreign countries.

Photo Credit: Ewen Roberts, ep_jhu and m anima via cc