Star Tours Memorabilia: The Light Side vs. The Dark Side

Forget following trade routes to the outlying star systems. Your quest for Star Tours treasures, trinkets, keepsakes, souvenirs and collectibles can be undertaken at Disney’s Hollywood Studios® in Orlando, Florida. Star Wars memorabilia can be found throughout this magical galaxy—but two locations are designed specifically for epic shopping experiences: Wotto’s Grotto and Tatooine Traders.

Where to Get Goodies from the Light Side and The Dark Side of The Force

Wotto’s Grotto
This intergalactic marketplace boutique is fully stocked with all things Star Wars. Gear up with a varied selection of apparel to fit the fashion needs of Jedi Masters, Sith Lords and families on vacation getaways. Select from a wide range of art work depicting popular scenes from this legendary space saga. Stock up on housewares, toys, plush merchandise and must-have-items from across the universe. Like do-it-yourself activities? Wotto’s Grotto offers stations with everything you need to build your own lightsabers or droids. You can even pose for a photo in front of the vehicle the Rebel Alliance used in the Galactic Wars: T-47 Airspeeder.

16953327907_e25be377b0_mTatooine Traders
Star Wars aficionados know that bartering and trading was common practice for goods and services. If you find yourself in search of the latest Star Tours merchandise, Tatooine Traders is the place to be. Just look for the desert dome. Kids, collectors and souvenir hunters can choose from an almost limitless selection of action figures. For those looking to start a galaxy of their own, LEGO® kits provide the building blocks necessary to begin construction. Books, DVDs and every other type of memento are also available to purchase and take home so that The Force is always with you.

In addition to the shopping opportunities, you and your family can surround yourselves with movie props, watch videos, explore special exhibits and take part in endless entertainment. No matter what you choose, Disney’s Hollywood Studios make it easy to celebrate the Star Wars phenomenon.