Spend the Day at the Virginia State Fair

Spend the Day at the Virginia State Fair

The 2015 State Fair of Virginia at the Meadow kicks off September 25 and runs through October 4. This two-week extravaganza features food and drink, animals, agriculture, concerts, exhibits and fun-filled family attractions.

Virginia State Fair Shows & Exhibits

Combine a bit of agriculture with a little hocus pocus magic and “Poof!” you get Agricadabra. This entertaining show is an interactive experience that gets kids pumped up about farm-related education.

The world’s largest traveling bird show will be part of the Virginia State Fair. You can rub feathers with giant cassowaries and condors trained by the Birdman. The condor is the largest flying bird in the Western Hemisphere and the cassowaries hail from the tropical forest of New Guinea. Be sure to bring a camera to snap a few pictures before you fly away to the next attraction.

Ditsy the Glamorous Clown
Ditsy the Glamorous Clown loves to cruise the fairgrounds in search of faces to paint. She also loves to apply glitter tattoos and sculpt balloons for kids. You won’t have to look too hard to find her. Ditsy will be the one driving around in a miniature pink and white convertible Volkswagen Beetle.

Demolition Derby
If you like the sound of revving engines and crunching metal, you’re going to want to attend the Demolition Derby. This year, the Virginia State Fair is allotting two nights for fans to witness all the destruction. It promises to be a car crashing good time in the Thrill Pit.

Masters of the ChainsawKachunga and the Alligator Show
This show is a big-time wrestling event packed with plenty of excitement. Hailing from Florida’s swampland, Kachunga is the heavyweight champ and the only one brave enough to tangle with a 300-pound alligator using only his bare hands.

Masters of the Chainsaw
What do you get when you put a huge piece of wood in front of Ben Risney? A one-of-a-kind sculpture carved by a chainsaw artist. This event shows off the skills of this talented expert. A new masterpiece is created daily, and all finished wood carving sculptures will be auctioned off to benefit the State Fair of Virginia’s scholarship program.

Professional Rodeo
For two big nights the Professional Rodeo will call Virginia home. Witness the high intensity of bull riding and calf roping. Then watch as cowboy and cowgirls take part in a race against time to test their nerves and skill in a barrel-racing contest.

Rosaire’s Royal Racers
Ham it up and have a good time with some racing pigs. Rosaire’s Royal Racers are making their return to the fair—and these porkers will be moving toward the finish line as fast as their little piggies will take them. Come out to cheer and oink during the running of the swine.

Rusty Gears
Spend a day at the fair and you’ll meet Rusty Gears. This roaming robot plays music, engages guests in conversation, entertains, shakes hands and gives hugs. You’ll definitely want to take a few pictures with this cool bot.

Team Rock
These athletes will be on hand to showcase the power that comes from the martial arts. Watch as they demonstrate how to power break objects and train their bodies to become one with self-defense. You’ll definitely be amazed by the extreme abilities these experts possess.

The Magic of Lance Gifford & Company
Deception is part of the illusion during this magic show. His mastery of tricking audiences into believing something is—or isn’t—is what he excels at. Fans of Harry Houdini will be delighted to see Lance perform an illusion made famous by the legendary magician.

Virginia State Fair

Tractor Pull
Modified tractors with powerful engines can only mean one thing—these machines are heading for a Tractor Pull. The operators involved in this motorsport have enhanced their tractors for maximum pulling and excitement-driving power.

Tumbleweed Crossing
Step into an Old West Town. Though time may have passed this forgotten city by, it remains alive and well. Sidesplitting comedy acts, stunts and special effects are so authentic you just might find yourself dusting off the excitement from your britches.

Virginia Fire Programs Burn Trailer
Ignite your curiosity of firefighters and fire safety. Live demonstrations will help educate in an entertaining way, on the importance respecting open flames and how to manage them properly.

World Champion Blacksmiths LLC
Horses can’t be expected to hoof it without new shoes. Watch as these talented blacksmiths turn metal into horseshoes. These professional farriers have tremendous skill, and every Virginia State Fair attendee should consider watching them ply their craft.

What may look like great big piles of sand on the fairgrounds is actually the workstation for these artists. Marvel at how these sculptors transform sand and water into unique pieces of art.

Virginia State Fair ExhibitsMilking Parlor
Enjoy the hands-on experience of milking a cow and learn about the nutrients found in a glass of milk. You can also talk with exhibitors about poultry, rabbits, doves and pigeons.

Horticulture Pavilion
Go to see just how big pumpkins and other gourds can grow. You can also make your own grain jar under the guidance of Virginia Tech agricultural economics students.

Photo Credit: Eli Christman, U.S. Department of Agriculture and vastateparksstaff via cc

State Fair of Virginia
Starts: 09/25/2015
Ends: 10/04/2015
13111 Dawn Blvd.
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