Sky High Dining in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Dining

What could be better than towering above a radiant cityscape while indulging in top-notch cuisine, fine wine and spirits and good company while on vacation? That was a trick question. Las Vegas is known for its over-the-top take on everything under the sun, meaning it’s only natural to place upscale restaurants and trendy bars atop some of the hottest and highest structures in the city.

Take a chance to live out loud amidst the clouds and check out sky-high dining in Las Vegas to eat and imbibe during your stay at Bluegreen Club 36™.

The Mix Lounge

Mix LoungeYou want hip and trendy? You got it. From the glass elevator to the vibrant lava-lit interior and swanky balcony, you’ll feel like an electric Superman overlooking a neon Metropolis. At 64 stories high, the Strip has never looked so alive as it joins a winning cocktail selection and hypnotic stream of house music and today’s hits spun by veteran party-starting DJs. The perfect spot to get it poppin’, mix it up or mellow down is at the Mix Lounge.

Top of the World at Stratosphere

At 877 feet high, this tower of taste is distinguished as the only revolving restaurant in Las Vegas. Experience breathtaking panoramic views, tantalizing cuisine, and romantic ambiance. Sommelier Dean Wachstetter brings over 30 years of knowledge and experience from the wine cellar to your table. Delight in a vast selection of top-notch wine and the Las Vegas skyline with a loved one, all while sitting on top of the world! Eiffel Tower Vegas

Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower replica transports you straight to the heart of France with its elegant fare and Art Deco style. After the glass elevator treats you to an eleven-story ride, treat yourself to a decadent selection of classic French delicacies like caviar, roasted rack of lamb and baked herbed crepes. Take your senses on a fanciful journey as you taste the finest food, inhale the aroma of vintage wines and gaze out onto the Strip for panoramic views from anywhere in the house. A truly romantic experience, Eiffel Tower Restaurant is perfect for an intimate setting in the sky.


Alize: the centerpiece of delicate French cuisine, culinary artistry and of course, The Palms. Perched atop the legendary 56-story skyscraper, the world-renowned wine cellar and cognac collection are on deck to keep the cityscape views adrenaline-pumping and awe-inspiring. An international award-winning stunner, Alize is unparalleled in its offering of style, class and ambiance.