Popular U.S. Landmarks for Your Selfie Bucket List

Popular U.S. Landmarks for Your Selfie Bucket List

A new type of travel photo has taken over the world, and its called… “The Selfie!” Gone are the days when you could just snap an aesthetically pleasing shot of a popular landmark to capture the essence of your travels. Now, you have to be physically present in the picture, otherwise… were you ever really there? Also, it’s just plain fun to take selfies and then use it to make all your friends and family sufficiently jealous. Cruel? Maybe. Super satisfying? Definitely.

It’s hard to determine when the selfie really hit the mainstream, but it’s certainly gathered up steam as of late. And since travel has been at the heart of most of these photographic gems, we’ve got 7 places you should add to your selfie bucket list.

Time to explore… but first, let’s take a selfie!

1) The Statue of Liberty – New York City, NY

As one of New York’s most popular attractions, the Statue of Liberty sees her fair share of photographers. Luckily there are several vantage points for photo ops of you and Lady Liberty—from Red Hook in Brooklyn, to a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, to a ride aboard The Staten Island Ferry.

Cinderella’s Castle – Orlando, FL2) Cloud Gate Sculpture, aka “The Bean” – Chicago, IL

This sculpture—made of highly polished steel and inspired by liquid mercury—adds a creative element of whimsy to what might otherwise be a typical everyday selfie. It’s located in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, and is free to the public. WIN!

3) Cinderella’s Castle – Orlando, FL

Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom is arguably Disney’s biggest icon after Mickey Mouse, and a fairytale come true for thousands of people looking for the perfect selfie to commemorate their trip to this magical destination.

4) U.S. Southernmost Point – Key West, FL

Just a few minutes walk from downtown Key West, you’ll find the colorful southernmost point marker. Capture a snapshot as the sun rises; it will make for an even more memorable photo-op!

5) Hollywood Wax Museum – Branson, MO

Ok, so this isn’t just a single selfie kind of opportunity—it’s several. Snap away as you get up close and personal with uncanny replicas of some of your favorite stars. The wax sculptures are so realistic; you’d think they were alive.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign – Las Vegas, NV6) Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign – Las Vegas, NV

This iconic sign, with its bold colors and neon hues, is the perfect backdrop to your Las Vegas selfie. It signifies all the glitz and glamour of Sin City in one single shot.

7) Brooklyn Bridge – New York, NY

For people looking to up their selfie game, snapping a shot from this amazing landmark delivers the perfect combination of fun, awesome and even romantic. After all, this breathtaking work of art has inspired the greatest poets, writers and painters, so a selfie here is sure to dazzle!

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