The Views from Scargo Tower

Scargo Tower

While you are visiting Cape Cod, take a trip to see the Scargo Tower in Dennis for beautiful views of the bay side of Cape Cod. Take in the sight of the landscape and of Scargo Lake, which was named after a Native American princess. There are various legends about this princess and about how Scargo Lake came about, with many of them speculating if the shape of the lake is of a fish and if you can see silvery fish in the water, from when the princess received them as a gift from the man she loved.

Bring your binoculars when you come to the tower. If the weather is clear, you can see all the way to Provincetown. The tower is located right on Scargo Hill, which is 160 feet high. The tower itself is 30 feet tall, making this the highest point on the Cape. The views from the tower are unforgettable and the history dates hundreds of years.

Scargo TowerThe tower has been rebuilt three times. It was first built in 1874 by the Tobey family, who created it out of wood. Sadly, it was ruined by a storm after just a couple of years. Then the Tobey Tower, as it was called then, was rebuilt out of wood once again but burned down in 1900. The following year, in 1901, it was created with cobblestones as a memorial to the Tobeys. It still stands today as a memorial to the family.

Above the entrance, a plaque on the tower says: This tower and hilltop were given to the town of Dennis in 1929 as a memorial to Charles Tobey (1831–1888) and Francis Bassett Tobey (1833–1913). Loyal sons of the village of Dennis where their Tobey ancestors settled in 1678. You then enter into the tower and climb the winding metal spiral staircase to get to the top.

Scargo Tower is a place where you can create a romantic moment that you will remember for years to come with a loved one or it can be a family friendly, exciting attraction on your Cape Cod trip. It is less than 20 minutes or 10 miles away from two great Bluegreen Vacations resorts.