Road Trip? Skip the Squeeze from Smaller Airline Seats

Skip the Squeeze from Smaller Airline Seats

With airlines making headlines in their push to maximize profits by shrinking seats, more and more people are turning back to that great American tradition – the road trip – when crafting their vacation plans. But shrinking airline seat size isn’t the only reason to get behind the wheel when gearing up for a vacation!

Cheap Gas Prices

In a recent update, the federal Energy Information Administration signified that the national average price of gas is expected to drop 23 percent in 2015 to $2.60 per gallon. When on vacation, cheap gas prices translate directly to more savings you can use for sightseeing, dining and souvenirs.

No Delays

When planning for a road trip, you can take relief in knowing that once you’ve chosen your destination, packed your bags and filled the tank (remember those cheap gas prices?), you’re ready to go! No lines to stand in, no baggage checks or body scans, and taking off your shoes is optional.

More Snacks

Anyone who’s even been hungry on a plane can tell you, it’s no picnic. In the car, not only can you pack whatever you please, but there’s also tons of opportunity to stop off and enjoy the many restaurants, dives and diners along the way. Need ideas on what to bring for your next family road trip? See our list of 10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks for suggestions that will please the entire family.

Travel at Your Own Pace

Planes run on a tight schedule (or at least they’re supposed to), which means no time to experience all the attractions along the way. On the road, you can stop and smell the flowers, get sidetracked or even discover something wonderful off the beaten path. When they said, “it’s about the journey, not the destination” surely they had places like Virginia’s Luray Caverns​ in mind.

Family Togetherness

road trip?Sure, a plane will get you there faster, and phones and tablets make entertaining companions, but nothing beats a road trip for providing time to bond with your loved ones. Whether through shared experiences along the way, or finding time for conversations that just don’t happen during the busy rush-hour of life, road trips offer the kind of quality time often missing in our lives.

So whether you’re planning a week-long trip to Orlando​ for the family, or a romantic getaway to Las Vegas​ for a few days, why not skip the “squeeze” of the new airline seat sizes, take advantage of the current trend in gas prices and hit the road? You’re sure to discover something new along the way, whether about the destinations you visit or about the ones you love.

Family Bonding Activities

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