Vacation Tips for a Rainy Day

Vacation Tips for a Rainy Day

The possibility of rain wreaking havoc on your travel plans is always lingering. Mother Nature has never been one to follow a predictable path, which can make planning your activities a bit more difficult. But should dark clouds loom over your vacation, take heart, all is not lost.

The universe has spoken—time to check off all your indoor activities on your itinerary and salvage your vacation with these rainy day tips.

1. Visit a Local Museum. Spend an afternoon learning at one of the local museums, whether it’s about history, science, religion or a fascinating insight into the local culture.

2. Go Shopping. Many vacation destinations have tons of different shopping experiences, from giant, modern malls to small antique stores and boutiques. You may even find some unique specialty souvenirs at local artisanal shops (soaps, teas, cheese, art, etc.).

3. Take a Class. Art and cooking classes offer the perfect opportunity to learn something new while spending quality time with your friends and family. And depending on where you are, you might even find an area expert willing to show you how to make a local product, whether it’s weaving a traditional rug, making jewelry, or whipping up cheese!

4. Enjoy a Spa Day. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to spend the day getting pampered. After all, you are on vacation and deserve the ultimate relaxing experience. Aside from the traditional massage and facial, you could try something new like a mud wrap, hot stone massage, reflexology or even a fish spa.

5. Go See a Movie. The big screen, the delicious popcorn, the lack of outside distractions, the comfy chairs—nothing matches the experience of seeing a movie in the theatre. So if rain intrudes on your vacation plans, grab the kids, pick out your favorite snacks and take your seat to enjoy an escape from reality for a couple hours.

Hang Out at the Resort6. Head to the Library. The public library is much more than a warm, dry place to relax and get caught up on your reading. Library days can also be filled with story times, puppet shows, author talks, and art exhibits. So if the raindrops are falling, head to a library near your vacation resort, and see what they have to offer.

7. Hang Out at the Hotel/Resort. Don’t underestimate the fun potential of just hanging out at the hotel or resort you are staying at. Play charades, do arts and crafts, play hide and seek, or check out free resort amenities.

8. Do as the Locals Do. Ditch the common tourist areas and find out where the city’s residents hang out during rainy days. You might just end up discovering an unexpected concert or a hole-in-the-wall eatery that’s off the beaten path.