Putt Your Way Through Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach vacations mean different experiences at different times of the year. One constant in the non-winter months is an opportunity to play mini-golf in a city that fancies itself as the mini-golf capital of the United States. You’ll find over 40 mini-golf courses in the area, an impressive number especially considering the area is even more well known for fabulous conventional golf courses and resorts. Mini-golf courses here come in all sizes and themes. Decors range from standard mermaid-laden and blue lagoon courses to plane crash and shipwreck sites. Whatever you’re in the mood to putt through, you will find it in Myrtle Beach.

As best as can be determined, the four most popular styles, or themes, for Myrtle Beach mini-golf courses are pirates, jungles, Hawaiian and disasters. Many of these courses are side-by-side, as there’s only so much room in a city that also has to find space for shops, restaurants and movie theaters. So pick a theme—or just a street—and meander your way through the litany of one-legged pirates, singing mermaids, technicolor flowers, sinking ships, sunken treasures and oddly colored lagoon water. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve done a little research for you. (We would never want you to spend your day Googling mini-golf when you could be hitting the artificial turn instead!)Putt Putt Golf in Myrtle Beach

Most popular mini golf courses and themes

Have fun, and remember: Make sure you pick the golf ball that matches your shirt. And if someone else picks the orange ball before you, knock that person into the pirate pond.