Visit M&M’s World in Las Vegas

M&M’s World Las Vegas

M&M’s World lets those who want to savor the heavenly taste of the chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hand; or those who are looking to satisfy this sugary desire on a trip away from home. If you are one of those then we have a sweet way to turn your vacation in Vegas into a truly delectable chocolate holiday.

Take a Trip To M&M’s World and Let Your Inner Kid Play

M&M’s World Las Vegas is a towering 28,000 square-foot chocolate haven, an entertainment complex that covers four floors of fun. During your vacation to Las Vegas, learn the history of the chocolate candy that has been a favorite of kids and adults alike for ages. Opened in 1997, the most famous location of the top-notch candy store makes its home on the Las Vegas strip at the Showcase Mall. Chocolate lovers can also unite at two additional locations in New York City and Orlando (there are Bluegreen resorts in each city).

M&M World Race CarDuring your visit, you can expect to watch a 3D short film in the sweet movie theater and learn about the candy’s origin. Don’t miss the chance to purchase M&Ms logo souvenirs and clothing at the gift shop. On site is a life size replica of the M&M’s racecar driven in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series. A rainbow wall features 22 M&M colors, including ones never seen before like purple, tea, and lime green. You will find out how the colorful cast of M&M’s characters has evolved over time. You can even customize your own ID tag and create your own chocolate identity.

A visit to M&M’s World Las Vegas will certainly put you on cloud nine in chocolate heaven. For more thrilling activities away from the casino, check out these Las Vegas desert adventures and fun ideas for your vacation.