Simple Vacation Photo Tips

Vacation Photo Tips

Want to turn your vacation photos from ordinary to extraordinary? On your next vacation to Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, or Orlando, create your own Kodak moment by following these simple tips on how to take great pictures. When you start to think about taking great vacation photos, it helps to develop a narrative. All great stories need a good beginning (your flight to New Orlean takes off), a fleshed out middle (local scenery in the French Quarter), and a rousing end (sunset over the Louisiana bayou). Think in these terms when you start snapping pictures during your trip.

Resist the urge to go out and buy the most expensive camera out there. All you need is your smartphone, or if you prefer, choose a simple “point and click” camera that has flash and autofocus. Taking great vacation photos does not require fancy equipment. On the contrary, it’s about knowing what to shoot and how to shoot it in order to make a great picture appear.

Trust the viewfinder in your camera. What you see is really what you get. A person’s face should not be your prime focus. All parts of a picture add something, so it’s your job to make each part interesting. The majority of photos that come out fuzzy are the result of camera movement, not bad lenses. When you are about to snap your photo, gently push down on the button to prevent any shaking. Remember to breathe in and hold your breath while the camera is in your hand. This helps to prevent blurring when you press the shutter button.

Add drama to your vacation photos by showing the scale of your objects. Pose family members or friends next to huge mountains or landscapes. This will draw the viewers in by pointing out the vast difference in size. Although it’s easy to ignore the background, take a closer look at what you are photographing in order to see the whole picture.

Moving just a few feet back or forward will help to eliminate unsightly images like power lines, billboards, or onlookers in the background. Mix up your photos with family poses and candid shots. This will add variety to your picture collection.

Here are some more DO’S and DON’TS:

  • DON’T shoot facing the sun. For picture perfect results, the sun should be over your shoulder when you shoot.
  • DO take some extreme close-ups. This offers a different texture with a more unique view.
  • DON’T shoot with just images in the middle. Putting the main object in the center of a picture usually yields boring results. Try putting the object off to an angle to create a more dramatic effect.
  • DO strive to take photos at different times of day. The most dramatic times occur right after sunrise and just before sunset.
  • DO remember to use the voice memo on your digital camera (if it has one) to record where a particular shot was taken. You can also shoot a second shot showing the street sign or address.

At the end of a fun-filled day on vacation, preparation for the next day is key. Recharge the batteries, review the pictures taken, and replace the memory card if needed. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. By following these photo tips, the stories you create will leave lasting memories that will live on forever.

How To Take Great Vacation Photographs