Manchac Swamp Adventure: A New Orleans Tour

The Manchac Swamp Adventure

The Louisiana swamps have an appeal to many people, from historians, to ghost hunters, bird watchers and artists. The beauty of the Manchac Swamp is undeniable. Tendrils of Spanish moss hang from the lanky branches of the cypress trees, skimming the knees that rise from the water. Tupelo gum and cotton wood trees shatter rays of light as it makes its way through the canopy, leaving bursts of bright that contrast the heavy shadows in the water. The birds wade through the shallows, gingerly stepping through grassy mud, darting back and forth between the drifting gators. The mysteriously dark beauty that gives a swamp its character also adds to its macabre undertones. The shadows created by the heavy vegetation become precursors to tales of hauntings and werewolves. For every graveyard cross there is a story, and for every beautiful home there is a trapped soul. The Manchac Swamp Adventure will take you through the bayou of New Orleans for a tour of its beauty and folklore during your Bluegreen Vacations getaway.

Manchac Swamp Adventure

The Manchac Swamp Adventure will take you through the bayou of New Orleans for a tour of its beauty and folklore.

The Manchac Swamp Adventure is a part of The Old River Road Plantation Adventure, a tour guide company based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. This swamp tour is narrated by Julia Sims, Louisiana native and renowned nature photographer, and discusses the plants and wildlife, history and folklore surrounding the area. The two-hour tour takes you through a section of a privately owned wildlife refuge, making for undisturbed scenery and ideal gator watching.

The Manchac Swamp tour will also take you by a trapper’s cabin, so you can see what swamp-life is really about. Beware, it is a far cry from your resort in New Orleans. You will come upon the infamous blood red hanging tree and the cemetery that arose after the Great West Indies Storm of 1915, a gale that created a 20-foot tidal wave which swept 300 people to their deaths.

Manchac Swamp Adventure

Be sure to take your camera on this tour. You will want to capture the beauty of the swamp, the stillness of the gators that watch you glide by and the eeriness of the crosses that till protrude from the water. Who knows, you may even catch one of the many ghosts rumored to be lurking in the wetlands!

The Old River Road Plantation Adventure has a shuttle service that will pick you up from Bluegreen Club La Pension if you want to take this tour. Just call them at (866) 671-8687 and schedule a tour date and pick up.