Learn How to Wakeboard on Vacation in Arizona

Learn How to Wakeboard on Vacation in Arizona

For those in pursuit of aquatic activities near Phoenix, picturesque Lake Pleasant is a beautiful place to learn how to wakeboard. This popular watersport combines elements from water skiing, snowboarding and surfing.

Here are 6 tips for wakeboarders that will help you avoid injury and have fun out on Lake Pleasant!

  1. Safety First
    Always wear a life jacket and have a friend watch you from the shore. Using a spotter is essential for basic boating and water safety. This designated set of eyes will track your movements on the water and alert the driver to your position should you fall of the wakeboard. Additionally, spotters are responsible for monitoring approaching boats and looking out for objects that may be in the water.
  2. Determine How you Want to Stand on the Wakeboard
    Proper balance is crucial when it comes to safety and enjoying your first wakeboard experience in the Arizona desert. The foot you place forward should be the one you naturally lead with. (Think kicking a football or trying to steady yourself on shaky ground.) When it comes to wakeboarding tips, this is a must for all beginners.
  3. Wakeboarding Proper StanceMaintain a Proper Stance
    Being able to navigate through the water and remain in control of your wakeboard while being pulled is essential. When standing on the board, keep the back binding flat, positioned toward the end of the board with your weight close to or on top of the rear fin. The front binding should be at a slight angle, facing forward.
  4. Choose Your Rope Length
    For beginners, a shorter rope is better to be pulled with. Choosing a length between 30 and 50 feet will allow you to rise up and get out of the water much easier than using rope that measures longer. Hold the rope tightly with both hands and wait until the boat travels far enough to eliminate slack before lifting up out of the water.
  5. Pulling Your Weight
    Want to know how to wakeboard like the pros and easily lift up out of the water? The easiest way is to pretend like you’re sitting in a chair. Keep your knees bent between your elbows. Make sure the front portion of your board is slightly out of water and align it with the rope. When you feel comfortable, give a thumbs up to the driver of the boat to signal you’re ready to get pulled. When your body is completely out of the water, gradually lift and straighten your legs.
  6. Moving Forward
    Hold on to the rope as the boat accelerates while keeping the front edge slightly above water. Lean your body back gently and place pressure on your back foot to prevent the front of your board from coming out of the water.

Safety FirstLake Pleasant is the largest lake in the Phoenix area and is an ideal place to enjoy a myriad of water sports. Play it safe, follow the wakeboarding tips mentioned and make a big splash on your next vacation to Arizona.

Essential Wakeboarding Tips
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Photo credit: ToddonFlickr via photopin cc
Photo credit: ToddonFlickr via photopin cc
Photo credit: ToddonFlickr via photopin cc