Le Rêve is the Vegas Show You’ve Got to See

Le Reve Show in Las Vegas

Heading to Las Vegas? There’s a show you’ve got to see! Le Rêve at Wynn Las Vegas follows Wayne, an “everyman” character, through a collection of his highly elaborate dreams that unfolds as quite a journey. The dreams are a tour de force of the human soul, revealing it greatest achievements and weaknesses.

French for “The Dream,” Le Rêve is a unique and extremely popular Las Vegas show brought to you by Franco Dragone, the same director responsible for equally amazing Cirque du Soleil productions such as Mystère. It is also the name of a famous painting by pretty well-known artist with the first name Pablo. This very same painting was once owned by casino magnate Steve Wynn, the man who owns Wynn Las Vegas. It may sound like a tangled web, but the correlation couldn’t be more straightforward. It’s as if Steve Wynn’s own dream to actually possess Picasso’s “Le Rêve,” helped inspire an absolutely incredible show by the same name. Out of the hundreds of Las Vegas shows, this one in particular came to exist because of something much deeper than the artificial façade that hides the lonely sands of the Mojave Desert.

The show itself is performed in the newly redesigned and intimate aqua theater, Le Rêve Theater. Guests find themselves seated comfortably in plush chairs amidst an elegant color scheme of cocoa, bronze and deep reds. Best of all, there are no seats that are more than 12 rows from the stage, giving the audience the ultimate perspective and privilege to lose themselves in the fantasy and dreamy atmosphere of the show. Even more impressive is the stage itself; a one-million-gallon capacity theater that allows performers to dive and swim throughout the show rather than performing strictly on the center stage. This water element is not only extremely unique but it allows onlookers to truly separate themselves from reality.

Le Rêve is the Vegas Show You’ve Got to SeeIt’s hard to believe that a show with such extensive special effects, intense aerial acrobatics, unmatched choreography and superhuman artistic athleticism could have a solid storyline, but it does. Le Rêve follows Wayne, an “everyman” character, through a collection of his highly elaborate dreams that unfolds as quite a journey. He is accompanied by dream guides, Morpheus and the Four Angels, a somewhat comedic troupe that tag along with the intention of helping Wayne in his intriguing journeys, adventures and fantasies. There is plenty to see in each of his dreams, from the greatest accomplishments of the human soul, to its weakest components. From walking on the moon to going to war, Wayne’s dreams, and sometimes nightmares, provide an enlightening and eyes-wide-open experience, especially when combined with a mixture of live singing and recorded choral music imported from Serbia.

Imagine a circular theater, most of which consists of a million gallon pool where the stage rises above “sea level” and falls to the depths of the tank. Performers—all 68 of them—appear before your eyes from the depths of their underwater world, while some drop from the sky above. Special effects turn water scenes into scary, oftentimes violent fiascos complete with simulated rain, snow and fire. When not underwater, performers will mesmerize you from above during aerial scenes that are sure to spark parts of your imagination you never knew you had. There is nothing quite like Le Rêve here on earth. It only truly exists in your dreams.

Photo Credit: Lisa Brewster and Gary Bembridge cc

La Reve
Las Vegas, Nevada