Kid Activities at the Phoenix Zoo

Kid Activities at the Phoenix Zoo

African lions, Sumatran tigers and Andean bears—oh, my! Discover more than 1,400 animals, including 30 species that are endangered or threatened, during a visit to the Phoenix Zoo. Answer the call of the wild on your next vacation to the Arizona desert and hear every kind of critter imaginable roaring, growling, chirping, hissing, screeching and howling your name.

The Phoenix Zoo offers wild fun the entire family can enjoy. In fact, it was voted one of the nation’s top five zoos for kids because of its hands-on and interactive experiences.

Activities at the Phoenix Zoo

Leapin’ Lagoon | Infants and Toddlers
When you’re looking to beat the heat, Yakulla Caverns is a great place to be, which is located in front of the Crossroads snack bar with plenty of shade. Adults can relax as the kids set off to explore the wet, mysterious caves. This attraction features stalagmites and stalactites sprouting up and hanging over the explorers as cool water drips down offering soothing relief. If your family has infants or toddlers, Leapin’ Lagoon provides a safe and fun area to splash and play.

Breakfast with the Animals | Children Ages 2–5 Years Old
For a truly eye-opening experience, rise and shine for Early Childhood Animal Breakfasts at the Phoenix Zoo. A family-friendly menu of activities includes feeding a giant tortoise, watching a warthog wake up and learning what giraffes eat to start the day. Parents and younger children will enjoy a light morning meal featuring “people food” followed by engaging experiences that incorporate crafts, songs and encounters of discovery. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—and you can have yours with the animals.

Phoenix ZooWild Science Academy
 | Children Ages 5-8 Years Old
This workshop was developed every student with a desire to learn. Lessons emphasize the principles of science, and exploration of the natural world. Group lessons encourage the kids to interact with one another in a classroom that’s anything but typical—thanks to up-close encounters with the Phoenix Zoo’s animal ambassadors. Wild Science programs foster continued learning through classes structured using Arizona Science Standards.

Critter Keeper | Children Ages 6–10 Years Old
Excitement. Hard work. Patience. Compassion. These are some of the most essential qualities needed to be a zookeeper. Find out if your kids have what it takes as they fill the role of Critter Keeper during an adventure-packed afternoon. This exciting program introduces children to all aspects of animal care including: cleaning, diet needs and setting up items that enhance the animal experience at the zoo.

Lunch with a Keeper | Children Ages 6–12 Years Old
This is one of the best programs at the zoo, and for good reason. Children will have an all-access opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet the people who know the animals the best—the zookeepers. Make new friends and enjoy a pizza lunch while learning exactly what it takes to be a caregiver for the animals. Be sure to bring your questions because the zookeepers are passionate and dedicated—and they also love talking to children. The afternoon promises to be filled with informative answers and interesting stories.

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