KÀ by Cirque du Soleil in Vegas

Ka Cirque du soleil

Mesmerizing, gravity defying, remarkable—KÀ™ by Cirque du Soleil® is a true feast for the senses. The flawless combination of epic storytelling and extraordinary physical feats creates a vibrant theatrical production like none you’ve seen before. Performed live at the MGM Grand® in Las Vegas, this beautifully innovative show will transport you into a mystical land completely removed from time and space.

Unlike other Cirque Du Soleil shows, KÀ introduces a wonderfully imaginative and breathtaking story from start to finish. The moment the show begins, you’ll be pulled into a daring adventure of good versus evil as opposing forces battle it out to determine the fate of the world.

Brother and sister twins are the protagonists of the story, demonstrating the unbreakable bond of family. When the twins are separated, each travels a path to discovery filled with romance and danger. Amidst love and war, they each struggle to fulfill their destinies as they encounter everything from relentless pursuers and ocean storms to loyal followers and heroic protectors.

As one of the most expensive productions in the Cirque catalog, it’s no surprise that the stage production is one of the most radical of them all. The multi million-dollar facility was built specifically for KÀ, complete with drastic stage elements and special effects that include flying warriors, huts transformed into birds and battles viewed from above.

The captivating display of flawless imagery and stunning aerial maneuvers will leave you speechless. This is truly an experience you won’t want to miss out on!

Ka Cirque du soleil VegasSchedule: 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm Friday through Tuesday

Age Restrictions: Children under 5 are not permitted, and an adult must accompany anyone under 18

Reservations:  Available 3 months in advance

  • Online at www.cirquedusoleil.com
  • Telephone: Toll free 877.264.1844 or 702.796.9999
  • In Person: At the MGM Grand Ticket Office, also at the box offices in the Bellagio, New York-New York, Mirage and Treasure Island

Photo credit: anm4a via photopin cc