Greenwich Village at a Glance

Greenwich Village Tasty Treats

In the world of fast style and even faster lives, New York is the epicenter of nearly every facet of art, culture and luxury. Needless to say, in the midst of all of this glitz, who would have thought that a place so renowned would foster this sort of eclectic gem? New York’s second-oldest neighborhood is also known as the dynamic utopia of Greenwich Village.

New York’s Hidden Gem

As the city has evolved into the ultra metropolis that it is, Greenwich Village has remained one of its most remarkable jewels. Bordered by Washington Square Park, NYU, the Grey Art Gallery, and famously structured grid plans, Greenwich Village feels new for various reasons. As a city filled with the unorchestrated layout of the streets, small boutiques that boast large character and history, or food that takes your palate to another world, there is no wonder why Greenwich Village is one of the most sought-out destinations to visit. Before opening the brochures to take on the task of making a bountiful list of important sights to see, leave it to this bit to fill you in on why the locals here are proud to be residents of Greenwich Village and why your next vacation destination will be the right one to experience.

Greenwich Village Food TourAdding to the experience of Greenwich Village is the prominent history on display at Washington Square Park and the glorified historical evidence of the epic Grace Church. From academia to recreational and historical elements, Washington Square Park truly serves as a community playground where moods, competition, the arts, and leisure are revived. After a competitive game of chess or witnessing artists’ creations in progress, every passerby gains a little bit of history when admiring the monuments that make this park so rich. Two notable memorials are the Washington Square Arch—the iconic Tuckahoe marble replica of the Arc de Triomphe built to commemorate the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration—and the equally notable bronze sculpture of the Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi. Even though the Village seems a world apart from the rest of the city, patriotism is exhibited at high regard at the Washington Square Park Flagstaff Memorial.

Faico's Italian Specialties Greenwich Village

Feeling the need for a glorified Greenwich Village historical experience? Explore Grace Church where the architecture itself is more than holy. Designed by James Renwick in the mid 1800s, the high altars, ornate mosaic figures, pulpits and more are surrounded by Italian marble and Caen stone only heightening the excellence of Gothic architecture. Grace Church is too mesmerizing for words and certainly presides as one of New York’s historical landmarks.

Surely a day of enticing pleasurescapes leaves the mind—and stomach—hungry for more. But why have only one meal and a couple hours to satiate those taste buds when a food tour could do more than that? Greenwich Village is renowned for their Food Tours, where eager foodies can not only explore the city’s exciting elements, but also taste the food that makes the Village one of a kind. For just under $50 per person, a myriad of stops in this three hour food excursion can bring your palate to a new platform. The tours are focused around many neighborhoods, but the Greenwich Village tour is one that really satisfies every foodie’s interests. The Greenwich Village tour stops at the distinguished eateries of Murray’s Cheese Shop, Joe’s Pizza, Faicco’s Italian Specialties, Milk and Cookies Bakery, Rocco’s and Palma Restaurant.

Foods of New York Tours

No visit to New York is complete without a slice right out of the many world renowned pizzerias. Surely to the nonresident any cheesy, yard-wide slice of heaven seems entirely too enticing to compare, but the team at Joe’s Pizza continuously strive to push a quality uniquely their own that has been consistent since 1960! Every year, Joe’s Pizza makes many Top 10 lists and receives awards including the Zagat Award of Distinction, New York Magazine’s Best Pizza in New York, and not surprisingly, has been featured on popular TV shows. Take it from Joe Pozzuoli, Jr. –son of the original Pino “Joe” Pozzuoli –“We personally think there are many great places to eat in the village, but when you come to Joe’s, you get a truly classic NY slice. There are restaurants open for decades here juxtaposed with the newest college hotspots. Waiting in line at Joe’s, you could be standing next to an old timer who has lived here for 70 years, a college kid who just moved to NYC, tourists from Utah, Uptown socialites grabbing a slice or one of the countless celebrities who we count as our customers.”

There is no doubt that visiting anywhere in New York City will deliver the most jiving, flavor-savoring, Bohemian good time of Greenwich Village.