Colorful Places to Observe the Changing Autumn Leaves

Leaves Autumn Bluegreen

To everything there is a season, and as seasons change, one of the best qualities of the annual turn from summer to fall is the changing colors of nature. Several Bluegreen resorts are located in areas with lush, leafy foliage so you can witness this miraculous metamorphosis in person.

Here are the top Bluegreen destinations for observing and enjoying the shifting hues of the season.

Autumn Leaves Bluegreen Bridge

Massachusetts & Michigan in Autumn

Massachusetts is the de facto capital of New England and its seasonal variations are celebrated in story and song. Both The Breakers Resort and The Soundings Seaside Resort are on Cape Cod near the shores of scenic Nantucket Sound, which is pretty wonderful any time of year. There’s more than 80 acres of conservation land and over 100 public walking trails on the Cape, with ample opportunities for viewing the changing leaves in all their glory.

Michigan is the home of Mountain Run at Boyne™ in the northern part of the state. It’s ski country, but before the base fills in and the powder packs, the many mountains and trails are ideal for seeing the life cycles of the season. As the leaves change, the impressive red, gold and orange spectacle contrasts with the surrounding scenery’s deep green boughs, towering pines and brilliant blue sky.

Autumn Leaves Nighttime Bluegreen

New Hampshire & Pennsylvania in Autumn

Lincoln, New Hampshire’s South Mountain Resort is located within that state’s magnificent White Mountains. Bluegreen’s private retreat in the countryside, amid the splendor of New Hampshire’s great outdoors, boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. The nearby Kancamagus Scenic Byway possesses picturesque forests, vintage logging roads and authentic Indian hunting trails. Franconia Notch State Park and the Flume Gorge offer astonishing views throughout the year, but the fall foliage is especially stunning.

Though chocolate brown may be that city’s favored hue, Hershey, Pennsylvania is a wonderful area for observing the other colors of the fall. The Suites at Hershey are situated within a mostly rural area. Cocoa Kayaks of Hershey enables access to the unspoiled, tree-lined Swatara Creek, with 60 miles of gentle waters running from Pine Grove to the Susquehanna River in Middletown. If you’re a bit more daring, you can also take a balloon ride over the area to observe the changing colors.

Virginia in Autumn

Virginia might be for lovers but it’s also a wonderful state to witness the fall leaves changing colors. Gordonsville’s Shenandoah Crossing™ in the state’s Shenandoah Valley is at the center of a spectacular fall tableau of color. In historic Williamsburg, the Parkside Williamsburg Resort and Bluegreen Patrick Henry Square™ are in an area full of deciduous trees that lose their leaves seasonally, and the red, gold and yellow presents a stunning contrast against the blue sky on a clear fall day. The Greensprings Greenway Interpretative Trail links history and nature across more than five miles near the historic Jamestown Settlement.


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