Orlando and The Great Outdoors

Orlando Air Boat Ride

Yes, we know, we know, Orlando is a big city with a  big appetite for entertainment. There are amusement parks (yes, really) and restaurants galore, sports complexes, museums, bars, parks, and cool, eclectic surrounding cities. There are all kinds of things to see and do in Orlando’s great outdoors. And some of those things will show you other things you can do. Such as tours. Tour Orlando from above, below and outside to find out what parts of the city you love the most. We’ve done some searching in order to aide you in your searching. That is, we have found some great ways for you to actually get above, below and outside the city that seems to be made of Magic.

Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Dive into the depths of Disney® with a five-hour tour through the Magic Kingdom’s inner workings. Tour guides will show you what makes The American Adventure one of Disney’s most popular attractions. The tour includes a look through the hidden underground tunnels that you’ve always wondered about. But beware: Children under 16 are not permitted on this tour.


Take a helicopter tour of the city, the parks and theHeliTours surrounding areas. Sign up for a flight in a four-seater chopper and prepare yourself for some dazzling views from above. If you’ve ever wondered what Islands of Adventure or Downtown Orlando looks like from above, here’s your answer. Tour options with HeliTours range from 8-mile whirls to 150-mile rounds.

Airboat rides at Boggy Creek

The University of Florida doesn’t keep a Gator mascot without good reason. Gators are all over the place in this state. Locals say that everywhere there is fresh water, there is a potential gator. But whatever, as long as you’re on an airboat tour, all is good. Take a scenic nature tour, night tour or way-cool swamp safari next time you’re in O-Town and get a feel for some local yokel life.

And you thought you knew Orlando.