Great Father’s Day Travel Gifts

Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming soon—it’s June 21st this year—and chances are you’ll be celebrating it while on vacation or preparing for one.

What kind of travel-related gift should you give the Dad in your life and captain of your vacation team?

Disposable razors? A comb? Some other tchotchkes for his travel kit? Nah, you’ll find plenty of those things buried in the back of Dad’s bathroom vanity drawer—except when you’re looking for them. (Just ask Dad.)

Instead, let’s think a little bigger this year—even if it means everybody chips in. After all, think of all the memorable things a father does during vacations. (OK, occasionally they’re “memorable” because Mom never lets him forget about them, but generally they’re memorable because they’re wonderful.)

In the Vacation Accessory Category

Grande Villas at World Golf Village GolfingThese Father’s Day travel gifts come from

Personalized Golf Umbrella—embroidered name or monogram
Customize the colorful, 62-inch nylon canopy with the family surname or Dad’s initials. It’s the perfect gift for a golf vacation—just in case. After all, nobody can guarantee perfect weather even at a perpetual paradise like St. Augustine, Florida. And if he’s planning a round or two while vacationing  in Las Vegas, Dad might enjoy a respite from the desert sun.

Sit ’n Fish© Personalized Cooler & Chair
Customize this collapsible, lightweight metal chair with a padded seat, cooler compartment and various other zippered and unzippered compartments. Here you’re not restricted to a name or monogram—anything goes. No matter where Dad will be fishing- he’s sure to make great use of this gift.

In the Travel Experience Category

Dad flying lessonGive Dad a gift he’ll never forget—an introductory flying lesson!

You can visit for the complete list of experiences, venues across the country and other details and restrictions, but for as little as $120 you can put Dad in the cockpit of a Cessna 172 with an experienced flight trainer (after ground instruction) for up to an hour of basic flying experience. At some venues—Las Vegas, for example—at escalating prices Dad can learn to fly a helicopter or even how to loop and roll in an aerobatic craft. It’s the ultimate in nontraditional Father’s Day gifts.

In the Nostalgia Category

The Dad in your life might be more of a traditionalist, though. If so, no sport in American history and culture is more closely associated with father-children relationships than baseball. You probably remember the first ballgame you attended with your father, just as he surely remember the first game he attended with his, and on and on through the generations.

Father child playing throwing baseballSo why not suggest taking in a ballgame together on Father’s Day this year, even if you’re already on vacation. You can find professional minor league baseball games everywhere. But if you have the big-leaguers in mind, here is the Major League schedule for Father’s Day 2015: Detroit Tigers at New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays,  Florida Marlins at Cincinnati Reds, Tampa Rays at Cleveland Indians, Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox at Kansas City Royals, Chicago Cubs at Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers at Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Angels at Oakland A’s, Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners, Milwaukee Brewers at Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks, New York Mets at Atlanta Braves and, at night, San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers.

But no matter what present you select, make sure you complement it with the personal treatment that makes Dad feel like he’s the man in charge, the top dog, the king of his castle.

He’s entitled to that feeling at least one day in every 365, right?

Father's Day Gift Ideas