Championship Golf Pro Tips

Championship Golf Course

Looking for the next stop on your Bluegreen golf tour?  Grab your clubs, some tees, and a sleeve of balls and hit the greens at our Florida golf resort Grande Villas at World Golf Village. Historic St. Augustine is home to the World Golf Hall of Fame and serves as a showcase of golf’s greatest players. Challenge your game on two championship golf courses at the sprawling resort, and you will surely enjoy a golf experience that will last a lifetime.

Assistant Golf Pro, Justin Bush, has been at World Golf Village for the past three years. He started playing the game at age 13 and even played in college until a broken ankle from flag football put him out of commission. Years later after moving to Florida from Georgia, the game awoke inside him again. He decided to make it a living. Three years after starting as a bag attendant, his passion for the game has carried him to Assistant Pro. Here’s a peak into the life of what most golfers consider a dream job.

Q: What are your day-to-day duties?

A: Managing and running the day-to-day operations of the courses, pro shop and everything else involved. This includes keeping the customer service on point to ensure that the guests are always happy. We’ll even play with guests once in a while, or visit them out on the course to see if they need assistance.

Grande Villas at World Golf VillageQ: Which course would you recommend for a less-experienced player and vice versa?

A: Both. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer designed each hole of the King & Bear course. Any fan of golf can appreciate this layout no matter how they play. The Slammer & Squire is more of a resort course geared towards a laid-back round.

Q: Have you met any celebrities or famous golfers?

A: Billy Casper showed up at a tournament and was just a stand-up, heartwarming guy who loves golf like no one I’ve ever seen. Also, the Caddyshack Caddy Tournament attracts stars like Bill Murray and his brothers who own the Caddyshack Restaurant. Also, Sam Snead, Bobby Weed, Nicklaus and Palmer come to the Hall of Fame once in a while.

Q: What are the nicest two holes and why?

A: Slammer #17 is a tough little dogleg left par 4 that requires a great tee shot and short game. The green is huge, but surrounded with danger, plus you’re usually hitting into the wind. #15 at King & Bear is a dogleg right and hugs water on the right side. It’s a short par 4 with lots of wind and water that’ll require two solid shots to get there. It’s a beautiful hole worth admiring.

Q: How many times a week does a pro get to play?

Grande Villas at World Golf VillageA: Ironically, only about three times a month if I’m lucky. But I get to hit the range quite a bit!

Q: Any great golf pro tips for those coming out to the course?

A: Don’t beat yourself up over bad shots. It only takes one good shot to save a hole, so stay focused–no one hits it perfect every time. Also, develop a pre-shot routine and stick to it, it’ll keep you relaxed, confident and in tempo. Watch your grip, have fun and remember you can have one bad hole and 17 great ones.