Ghost Tours in St. Augustine

Ghost Tours in St. Augustine

Scare up a good time during a ghost tour in St. Augustine. Recognized as one of the most haunted destinations in the U.S., this city attracts practitioners of the paranormal as well as the fascinated in search of a fright. Join GhoSt Augustine for an adventure that will take you into the darkness on the spooky side of town.

Everdark ExpressSM

This experience is the real deal, not a theatrical performance designed for chills and thrills. You’re going to encounter spookiness! So slide into an antique hearse or take a seat in the Shadow Shuttle for hair-raising rides that will take you where others don’t dare to venture when night falls. The St. Augustine Lighthouse, Francis Inn, National Cemetery, Castillo de San Marcos grounds and infamous “Murder House” are all hotspot for paranormal activity—and they’re all stops on these eerily authentic tours. You’ll be armed with ghost hunting equipment like K2 EMF meters and Full Spectrum Cams to capture communication with spirits from beyond this world. Any anomalies you record will be posted to GhoSt Augustine’s Facebook page.

Dead Walk TourSM

Grab your courage then head out on foot down the narrow alleys and desolate streets on the dark side of St. Augustine en route to a haunted building. On this tour you’ll hear some of the scariest ghost stories ever told. And since you’ll have a K2 EMF meter along for the adventure, you just might feel the presence of a disembodied stranger lurking in the shadows. This is an incredible opportunity to walk into things that go bump in the night, if you dare …

The Original Haunted Pub TourSM

Ghost ToursThose 21 years of age and older are guaranteed to encounter spirits during this guided pub crawl tour that stops at four drinking haunts. Enjoy a few ales while hearing macabre tales of the supernatural. Toast a ghost with your fellow crawlers—but don’t worry about looking for proof of existence in the bottom of a glass. Guides carry an EMF meter for more “scientific” spirit research and findings.

Pub Hearse RideSM

Plant yourself in the back of a hearse for a pub-crawl tour that is to die for. You’ll be driven to the spooky side of town to imbibe and hear bone-chilling tales about the drinking establishments you’ll visit. This experience allows you bring a cooler with adult beverages to enjoy while exploring forgotten cemeteries and wandering through the grounds of Fort Matanzas, which was built in 1695 during the colonial wars.

Paranormal Investigative Tours

Interested in a career as a paranormal field investigator? During this two-hour educational tour you’ll be thrown into barren trenches on the grounds of the Castillo de San Marcos, a courtyard in the historic district and along the outskirts of two creepy cemeteries. Learn to investigate haunted sites and assess unexplained phenomenon. Discover how to use your senses to heighten your very own psychic feelings. As part of this interactive adventure, you’ll be armed with official ghost hunting equipment like K2 meters as well as Ovilus and Spectrum cameras. Participants have noted that they’ve experienced feelings that directly correlate to events that can be confirmed to have happened at the locations being visited.

Haunted ToursPara Force Investigations

Go inside one of St. Augustine’s truly haunted buildings for up-close and personal encounters with fellow ghost hunters. These paranormal hot spots are alive with activity and you’ll be exposed to it all through the use of the latest tech gadgets. If you have your own equipment, be sure to bring it along to further aid in this scary investigation.

Ghost tours depart nightly and ticket prices vary for each experience.

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Photo credit: cliff1066™ via photopin cc
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