New World Italian at Cafe Giovanni

New World Italian at Cafe Giovanni

Consistently known for its unbelievably tasty variety of world-class dining, New Orleans has a style and flavor of its own. Many Bluegreen Vacations owners venture to this old city to partake in a great Food & Wine Vacation, and many of those who do so already know about Cafe Giovanni. Don’t think the Italian name gives away the flavor of the space, this isn’t your everyday pizza and pasta. At Cafe Giovanni, you’ll enjoy a “New World Italian” menu that also serves old Creole favorites – all of which are up to speed with today’s sophisticated palates. The place to find it all isn’t far from your Bluegreen Vacations resort either.

The Past and Present of Cafe Giovanni

Cafe Giovanni OystersCafé Giovanni is a four-star rated Italian restaurant right next door to Bluegreen Club La Pension™ on Upper Decatur Street. Since 1991, Café Giovanni has been delivering award-winning food and unforgettable dining experiences thanks to a similarly award-winning chef. Owner and Chef Duke LoCicero is a local celebrity with years and years of trend-setting experience under his belt. His official training started at age 18 at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. From there he spent time working throughout the United States from New Jersey and Houston, to Baton Rouge, all the while collecting ideas for future flavors and dishes that have since made the Café Giovanni menu unique and famous.

His “New World Italian Cuisine” appreciates fresh ingredients from multiple origins to represent Italian, American, French and Creole styles. This combination has resulted in a menu, atmosphere and experience deserving of many awards including being named the, 2009 Culinary Connoisseurs Best Restaurant Owner and Best Casual Upscale Restaurant. These ingredients and dishes just don’t fall from the sky, though. Chef Duke spends handfuls of time experimenting with different flavor combinations, exploring international produce, and testing and fine-tuning dishes. The result of this time and energy accents his menu and provides diners with an exciting, flavorful experience that will earn New Orleans fine dining a special place in your heart. And because food and wine in Café Giovanni is so important, you can rest assured that Chef Duke can pair the perfect wine with whatever menu item you choose.

The Atmosphere of Cafe Giovanni

Cafe Giovanni Sax

This unforgettable Italian Restaurant has also recently expanded its seating capacity from 75 to 150 people and added the Belli Baci Lounge–a perfect place to enjoy delicious cocktails before or after dinner, plus live entertainment and a cozy atmosphere. Speaking of atmosphere, this entire establishment promotes a laid-back, romantic vibe paired with food, wine, and live entertainment. Just imagine sitting down for an authentic meal in the French Quarter and choosing from dishes like Fire Roasted Jumbo Shrimp & Scallops or Southern Style Louisiana Voodoo Shrimp. All the while enjoying live opera singers and a dining room that’s buzzing with excited appetites ready and waiting for some of the best food and wine in New Orleans.

Bon Appétit, from Bluegreen!