Learn Fly Fishing at Dogwood Canyon

Fly Fishing

One of the most popular outdoor activities in the Ozarks—and especially in Dogwood Canyon — is fly-fishing. The crystal-clear waters of the area’s hidden forest creeks are the ideal habitat for rainbow trout, and an ideal “classroom” to learn the sport.

Dogwood Canyon has several packages and programs for visitors to participate in the sport. For true beginners, the park offers a fly-casting clinic. The 1.5-hour course starts with the basics and works up to learning the techniques of casting. The course covers fly rod “anatomy,” set up and supplies. All the gear is included in the lesson price. After the lesson, students can stay on the creek and practice their newly found craft.

Their fly-fishing school is geared toward beginners, but students at all levels can still benefit. Students learn the fundamentals of fly-fishing and put them into practice. At the end of the 2-day session, students will be able to handle 30-foot casts and have thorough knowledge in all necessary areas of fly fishing so they can continue to develop skills in the sport.

The school starts with a half-day, indoor, classroom-style lesson that covers the basics of fly-fishing terminology, technical information like how to tie leaders on a line, how to find the best spots to fish, how to “read the water” and other helpful tips. The class then breaks for lunch (included) and spends the remainder of the 2-day class out on the water with the instructor guiding students in technique development. With a maximum class size of only 8 students, the lessons are characterized by personal attention and true skill development. Fly fishing can become a pastime for a lifetime. It’s certainly a worthwhile activity for your family’s outdoor vacation to Bluegreen Wilderness Club™ at Big Cedar®, Paradise Point, The Cliffs™ at Long Creek or the Falls Village.