Find New Adventures With The Field Trip App

field trip app

The Field Trip app is a free app that lets you see the world through new eyes and helps you discover cool new places to visit. It runs in the background of your phone and will alert you when your travels take you close to points of interest. These points of interest can be even be filtered by categories like Architecture, Lifestyle, Historic Places & Events, Movie Locations, Food, Drinks & Fun plus many more.


Simply select the feeds you want to receive then let your adventure begin. When you pass by something, topics pop up on your phone. Discover the best places to eat courtesy of The Food Network and Zagat. Learn local lore from Arcadia and Historvius. Discover hidden shopping gems from Cool Hunting and WeHeart. Hear local bands on Songkick or discover something way off the beaten path with Daily Secret.

Now matter where you travel, Field Trip gives you an opportunity to live like a local. Learn interesting facts about the neighborhoods, if you like what you see mark it. And then come back to visit. You can also share anything you encounter on your social media pages.

Open the App Store or Google Play to download the free app of the week.