FAQs (Frequent Angler Questions)

Fresh Water Fishing Tips

In the summer months, one of the most entertaining activities has to be heading out with your vacation crew to nearby lakes and rivers to try your luck on a group fishing expedition. Just remember a few things before you go out.

Where is the best place to fish?

But, how do you land the perfect catch? Tricks of the trade can be overwhelming at first, but we can offer you some tried and true river and lake fishing tips for hooking the big one. You must first locate the ideal place to fish. Luckily for you, many resort destinations offer prime lakes and rivers at your disposal. Your best bet for catching fish is to set up shop under overhead trees or around rocks, as fish tend to gravitate to these areas.

What bait should I choose?

Now it’s time to select the proper bait in order to lure your Fishing Family Using Tipsprize catch. Worms, locust, grasshoppers and more can be found at the bait and tackle shop. The type of fish you are trying to catch will determine the kind of bait used. Remember, your live bait should actually be ‘alive’ in order to successfully attract the fish.

How do I land that big fish?
Cast your reel by pushing and holding in the button on your reel. After drawing the pole over your shoulders behind you, snap the pole end like a whip to propel your line into the water. Release the button and wait. Soon enough you’ll feel the fish start to bite. When this happens, draw the line in slowly until it is tight, securing the hook in the mouth of your catch. Draw back the pole and then begin to reel in the fish slowly.

And don’t forget to tell everyone about the big one you caught on vacation!