Family Fun Spring Break Ideas

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If you’re like many people, you probably rack your brain every January over where to go and what to the week the kids are on spring break. Well, you can avoid the stress this year because we have some great family fun Spring Break ideas that could transform a monotonous week into a recess for the ages.

Luxury Camping

You’ve heard of the term “glamping,” right? Glamping is the lovely marriage between “glamorous” and “camping” and it tops our list of ideas for your next spring break vacation. Shenandoah Crossing Resort in Gordonsville, Virginia, allows resort guests to merge nature by providing custom-made yurts as accommodation options. Modern yurts are part-cabin, part-tent. They combine lumber and canvas, tied together with a steel tension cable.

Yurts at Shendandoah Crossing provide every modern conveniences you’d find in a standard cabin or townhome yet retain the feel of living in the great outdoors. A domed skylight allows natural light to illuminate stylish furnishings which in some luxury models include four-poster beds with plush linens, flat-screen televisions, elegant bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchens. All models have central heat and air-conditioning, so you’ll always be comfortable in the variable weather of the Shenandoah Valley. Then there’s the outdoor summer kitchen on the large, wooden deck that surrounds your structure.

Spring Break Florida KeysBeach Combing

Not all of us were lucky enough as children to spend spring break on Florida beaches, so you, the adult, well may cherish the opportunity as much as your children. Pack up the picnic baskets and coolers, grab the boogie boards, baseball mitts and beach chairs, and head to the beach for some fun in the sun—which is exactly what a vacation to Miami promises. Just off the beach are restaurants, bars and shops of all sorts—some trendy, some just fun—that make vacations here more than frolics in the sand and surfy. We guarantee this would be one spring break you will not want to end!

Fishing in The Keys

Florida Keys waters boast some of the best fishing in the world. The biggest selection of fishing guides in the world is available to help you create a memorable family experience.

First, decide which type of fishing will suit your family. If you prefer surf or channel fishing, you can hire a backcountry guide to help you journey to the “Back Side” into scarcely inhabited or uninhabited areas. If you prefer offshore fishing, you can book a deep-sea charter. The variety of fish is endless. You might find sailfish, Wahoo, tuna, marlin or kingfish, all of which make a perfect family meal. But regardless where you fish, once  you’ve experienced this adventure, the fish won’t be the only ones hooked.

Spring Break CharlestonGet Cooking

Plan a spring break stay in Charleston, South Carolina, and embark on a culinary adventure with Charleston Cooks. Your family will learn the artistry of Lowcountry cooking when you enroll in this collection of Charleston cooking classes in the heart of downtown. Charleston Cooks is part of the Maverick Southern Kitchens company, where the “anything goes” approach to Lowcountry cuisine showcases the multicultural flavorings that make southern cooking famous.

You and your family will measure, mix, knead, cook, and eat and with lots of hands-on training, you might leave as a master chef. And, don’t forget the scrumptious sampling! Charleston Cooks even offers a selection of classes for children, like the ever popular “Kids in the Kitchen.” Armed with superior cooking knowledge and skills, all family members will be able to step up and prepare the next family dinner with ease.

No matter what you do for spring break this year, at least you can’t say you were lacking for ideas!