Eat with Local Chefs Around the World

Are you a foodie with a taste for local cuisine? If you answered “yes,” then make a reservation to enjoy a home-cooked meal with one of the many EatWith chefs around the world. These unique experiences take place at tables inside the homes of locals who want to host cooking events for people on vacation.

EatWith has a simple goal: connect people over amazing meals to make the world a friendlier and yummier place.

The events are purposely limited in size to allow for a personal interaction with the host. Count on the topic of discussion to be open, so that all guests and hosts can share inspirational stories about eating and travel. Though most EatWith chefs sit at the tables and dine with their guest, others do not—electing just to showcase their cooking abilities.

No matter the social setting, one thing is always served: a new twist on dining that is far removed from tourist traps and chain restaurants.

People love to cook. But that doesn’t mean they should do it for others. EatWith uses “verified badges” to ensure quality and cleanliness. So what happens if a guest should ever want to send something back to the kitchen? The founders of EatWith have secured a third-party insurance plan to keep the hosts from taking too much heat in the kitchen.

eat-with-cookingEatWith hosts are varied and diverse. Some have attended cooking-school. Others are professionally trained. There are even Michelin-starred chefs. And, of course, there are chefs who just love to cook for others. Whatever their skill set, one thing is for sure—they all prepare menus based on what they’re passionate about.

You have to eat on vacation so make an experience unlike anything you’ve had before. Book a reservation to enjoy local cuisine in the home of a local.

Where Do You Want to Eat?
There are currently more than 150 locations with hosts around the world. International locations like Barcelona, Spain; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; and London, England promise to introduce you to dishes made popular in those cities. In the United States, you can sample great food in Las Vegas, Nevada; Miami, Florida; New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois and more.

Want to plan a meal for staycation? You can hire a chef in your hometown to prepare a meal for a private gathering in your home. Bon Appetite!

Photo Credits: Dorota Trupp and Kiryn Clay via cc