Daring Adventures for Your Next Vacation

Scuba Diving

To satisfy the thrill-seeker inside you, decide what outdoor experience you really crave for your next vacation. Try one of the following activities—but beware. They aren’t for the faint of heart! Glide over the city in a hot air balloon, swing from three to tree on a zip line, or tackle some rocky terrain behind the wheels of an ATV four-wheeler. If you’re passionate about adventure on your vacation, we’ve included information and links that will surely get your pulse racing.

Get ready to soar into adventure from tree to tree on a zip line tour. With your heart racing, simply let go and swing from one tree to another. You will traverse from tree to tree while wearing a climbing harness hooked to a steel cable. Pushing off from a platform, you will fly from 20- to 80-feet above the ground. Before you take off, you will get basic training, usually consisting of a fast ride on wire close to the ground. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and closed toe shoes.

Lift off and soar high above the landscape as you take in Hot Air Balloon Ridingbreathtaking views on a hot air balloon ride. Your adventure will begin upon arrival at the launch site.  During your pre-flight briefing, you will learn fun facts that will make your flight thoroughly enjoyable. The balloon will inflate, magically lifting you off the ground and on your way. When you touch down to the ground, you can even enjoy a scrumptious meal provided for you as part of your package.


Get ATV Riding behind the wheels of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and zoom along the rocky terrain and adventure trails. Ride through the woods and really feel nature beneath you. Lean forward on your ATV and take the hills and valleys head on. You can even learn some jump tricks when you ride your ATV.


Begin your Las Vegas adventure with a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam.  Hoover Dam tours are a great way to discover one of earth’s man-made wonders! Enjoy the beauty of Lake Mead and soar above the City of Lights on one of the helicopter tours from Las Vegas. Take in the spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip as you move along on your jet copter.


Plunge right in to a scuba diving adventure. Scuba diving allows you to get up close and personal with sea life and underwater terrain. Swim with the manatees, dolphins and turtles during your underwater adventure. Scuba stands for “self-contained, underwater breathing apparatus.” You must wear a strapped-on, self-contained tank of compressed air in order to breathe while you swim underwater. Once all the details, training and skills have been absorbed and acquired, you will be ready to dive right in to fun on your vacation.