Cruise Across the Desert on a Land Yacht

Cruise Across the Desert on a Land Yacht

Forget riding rooftop roller coasters or dangling off the sides of buildings on The Strip. Land sailing is the new adrenaline rush in Las Vegas.

Land Sailing in Las Vegas

Outside of the glitz, glamour, casino action, wedding chapels and all-you-can eat buffets is a great big desert with lots of open space—wide open pace that is perfect to set sail on dry land for a totally unique experience.

If you’re gambling on the next big adventure, double down and go all in for land sailing. This fast-paced, thrill seeking outdoor recreational excursion is a sure bet for a good time.

So what do you need to land sail?

First, you’ll need a land yacht. This mode of transportation is essentially a vehicle on three wheels with a sail. Next, you’ll need some big gusts of wind because there are no motors or engines powering these vehicles. Riders typically sit flat to the crowd and steer the land craft with foot pedals as they’re blown across the dry desert landscape.

Feeling the need for speed? Omega Land Sailing has everything you need to ride the wind.

Believe it or not, there is actually an international governing board for land sailing. Formed in 1962, The Federation International de Sand et Land Yachting (FISLY) has members throughout the world. Land yachts are divided into classes. Class 3 is the most popular, with designs made from fiberglass or high-tech, lightweight metal. Vessels in this category can reach speeds of 70 mile per hour or faster. These crafts must be built to spec, but customized modifications are allowed if the upgrades fall within certain guidelines. Class 7 yachts are perfectly suited for those comfortable on a skateboard. The experience is much like that of windsurfing.

Catch a breeze and set sail on a land yacht during your next vacation to Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: danielle via cc