Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère™

Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère™

Haunting music, elite circus aerial acrobatics, imaginative dance, cheery comedy, thought-provoking dramatic symbolism—Mystèreis all these things.

But above all, it’s enduring.

Other Cirque du Soleil® shows are born, burn brightly for a time, and then are retired. But Cirque’s first permanent engagement has been enthralling audiences at  Treasure Island Hotel and Casino since its premiere Christmas Day 1993. Today, Mystère remains one of the biggest draws in Las Vegas. Its 10,000th performance will take place December 27, 2014, yet every show is fresh, passionate and powerful.

Mystère also is the longest-running show of its scope in the history of modern professional entertainment to be performed exclusively in one venue. Many others, including Circque due Soleil productions, tour on the road. But the very nature of Mystère confines it to a theater at Treasure Island that was specially incorporated into the resort’s construction. The theater uniquely provides the environment and logistics that best showcase the performers’ skills.

Mystère is visual and visceral. The show’s characters present (and represent) the spectrum of life. Players in exquisite costume and elaborate makeup—La Belle, the Birds of Prey, the footmen, the Double Faces and the rest—challenge audiences to explore the mystery of life. If you find the allegory sometimes a little hard to decode, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Besides, it’s what you see and feel while watching Mystère that matter most, not what you grasp.

Cirque du Soleil’s Mystère ShowAnd the thing about Mystère is that because so much goes on at once throughout so much of the show, it’s almost impossible to absorb it all in just one viewing. That’s why so many regular visitors to Las Vegas see the show time after time after time.

But whether you’ve never seen the Aerial Cubes or Chinese Poles before, or know those acts so well that you secretly hum the accompanying score, Mystère remains must-see entertainment on any trip to Las Vegas.

Photo credit: SowersPics via photopin cc