Confession of a Christmas Tree Shops-aholic

Christmas Tree Shops-aholic

So, you’re on a leisurely drive on Cape Cod and you notice a quaint-looking store called the Christmas Tree Shops. You remember your friend raving about a store by that name near Orlando, but you drive on. I don’t need Christmas things, you reason. But then you see another store in the next town, and another—five on the cape in all.

Finally you give in. And if you’re like many of the real-life skeptics-turned-fans, your transformation might go like this:

You approach the store and see lawn and garden things outside.You think, I don’t need those things. I’m on vacation.

Inside, you see the long lines and the registers. WHAT is everyone buying?

Suddenly, you’re overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ on the shelves. OK, I’ll just do a quick walk-through because so-and-so told me to. But I won’t grab a cart.

And then it starts. Wow—lamps. Don’t need any, but let me take a look …

And an hour later you’re figuring out how to pack your trunk so you can fit your luggage back in along with the bags you’ve accumulated from your not one, not two, but THREE trips to Christmas Tree Shops!

Endless and ever-changing bargain inventories—from glassware to glue guns and seashells to saltwater taffy—have kept cashiers busy and customers happy since the first location opened in 1970 (as three stores in one, hence the plural name). Originally a mom-and-pop operation, Christmas Tree Shops is now a Bed, Bath & Beyond brand. Once geographically confined to the cape, stores have spread as far south as Florida.

Yet for all the proliferation, the stores haven’t lost the individualism bred on Cape Cod. Not every location boasts a giant windmill tower like the one on Cranberry Highway near the storied Sagamore Bridge, but they’re all idiosyncratic and charming.

Nantucket Holiday StrollYou won’t find a cookie-cutter look and feel at Christmas Tree Shops.

But you’ll probably find a cookie cutter.


Altamonte Springs
130 E. Altamonte Drive | 407.332.0049


Fallmouth Plaza, Route 28 (Davis Straits) | 508.548.1414

Christmas Tree Promenade, 655 Route 132 | 508.778.5521

Route 6A (Cranberry Highway) | 508.888.7010

West Dennis
Christmas Crossings Plaza, 425 Route 28 | 508.394.5557

Nantucket Holiday StrollWest Yarmouth
Christmas Tree Plaza, 529 Route 28 | 508.771.8151

Photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via photopin cc
Photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via photopin cc
photo credit: Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via photopin cc