Christmas Gift Ideas For The Travel Enthusiast In Your Life

Thinking about Christmas shopping? If you haven’t already, you should probably get started.

You see… there’s an art to finding the perfect Christmas gift for someone, and that art can take some time and a good deal of effort on your part. So much so, that the market is flooded with personalized gift guides, shopping tips, and even questionnaires for finding a specific present that matches a person’s personality traits. Crazy, right? And if you’re anything like the majority of holiday shoppers, the idea of finding the perfect gift will take root in your mind and hold you hostage until you come across “the one”.

There’s really no way to put into words how it feels when you find that perfect something for your loved ones—it’s almost better than receiving a gift yourself… almost. So, to help you with your Christmas shopping this year, we’ve scoured the web and other shopping avenues for gifts that will inspire wanderlust and adventure—perfect for your travel-obsessed friends and family.

Gifts For Travelers that will Inspire Wanderlust & Adventure

These amazing travel gifts range from the practical to the aesthetic to just plain fun. One thing they all have in common, though, is they’re sure to make the recipient very happy!

scratch-mapScratch Map

The great thing about this gift is anyone can be excited about it! An experienced traveler might open it and immediately start scratching off destinations they’ve been to, whereas others might use it as inspiration to travel more.


All travelers understand the motto, “travel light”. But that mantra is especially difficult for book lovers who enjoy spending their downtime or long bus rides catching up on their favorite reads. That’s where the Kindle comes in handy.

travel journalTravel Journal

When traveling, it’s impossible to remember every little detail about the trip when it’s over. Journaling gives you the chance to jot down your feelings and insights during vacation, so you can remember the exact moment when you survived an epic mountain hike or went paddle boarding for the first time.

Snorkeling Gear

Basic snorkeling gear is a great intro for loved ones who are interested in exploring the underwater world while traveling. The Florida Keys and Caribbean are known for their beautiful snorkeling spots and will be the perfect place to put this gift to good use.

Travel Books

This is more for pre-travel reading material than actual on-the-trip reading material. When planning a vacation, these books are great for travel inspiration: Journey of a Lifetime – National Geographic, Better Than Fiction: True Travel Tales, and Off the Beaten Path (USA). There are plenty of other book options out there for travel enthusiast – you’re sure to find one your gift recipient will love.

backpacking-packs-christmas-listBackpacking Pack

Want to delight your adventure loving friend this Christmas? Get them a small backpacking pack—anywhere between 28L to 42L will do! It can be used for camping trip in the great outdoors or for a quick weekend getaway. Either way, it will definitely encourage them to plan a trip quick so they can use it.

Travel Game: Ticket To Ride

There are some great travel related board games out there that help to satisfy your wanderlust while you’re in between trips. This one in particular has gotten some great reviews, can be enjoyed by the entire family and makes for the perfect indoor entertainment during the colder months.

We hope you enjoy the holidays and that our list has offered up some exciting gift options… Happy Shopping!

Photo Credits: Cathrine Lindblom via cc