Cedar Mountain Stables

Cedar Mountain Horse

One of the great things about staying at Bluegreen Wilderness Club™ at Big Cedar® in Ridgedale, Missouri, is your ability to scoot on over to Big Cedar Lodge and take advantage of wide-open spaces, big lakes, the Ozarks and horses. Cedar Mountain Stables has stables with some of those horses waiting for you to use. Horseback riding, carriage rides, campfire wagon trips and pony rides are a few ways to experience some of the great outdoors while visiting Big Cedar.

Cedar Mountain Stables can take you horseback riding on a scenic, hour-long trail ride that meanders through the woods to Table Rock Lake or bundle you up on the back of a carriage for a romantic trip for two. Even just a trip around the resort is beautiful, with the rock-lined creeks and waterfalls that meander through the property, giving life to the cattails, cottonwoods and dogwoods that line the pathways.

If you’ve got a group with you, look into the campfire wagon tour. You and your crew will jump into an antique hitch wagon and mosey on down to a rustic campsite. Start a campfire and roast marshmallows and then quench your thirst with some iced sarsaparilla. Big Cedar Lodge’s singin’ cowboy will entertain you with classic cowboy songs. Sing along if you know them.

Cedar Mountain Stable Horses

Whether you are a horse-whisperer or an amateur at the whole horseback riding thing, you will enjoy the time with friends and family on one of the rides at the Cedar Mountain Stables. The stable hands and horse trainers will do everything to ensure you are comfortable and safe atop your horse, so come ready to learn a few things about horsemanship before you lope down the fields. We recommend making advanced reservations, as this pastime is very popular at Big Cedar. To make reservations, call Big Cedar Lodge at 800.255.6343.