Cape Cod Brewery Tours

Cape Cod Brewery Tours in Hyannis

If the rain creeps in on your Cape Cod vacation, head over to the Cape Cod Brewery in Hyannis. Explore the brewery, take a tour, and sample some of their best beers. Cape Cod Brewery is a place worth a visit, rain or shine, since the tours and samples are free and you will love the beer. It is a place where something is always going on and people are always coming and going. Whether they are hosting a tasting to introduce a new beer or holding a charity event or fundraiser around town, they are one busy bunch.

In addition to community events each month, the brewery offers free guided tours twice a week. Take a break from all the Cape has to offer on your Bluegreen trip and head in there any day at 11:00 am to see firsthand how Cope Cod beer came about and how the brewery runs. The tours are around 45 minutes to an hour long and best of all, they include samples. You do of course have to be 21 to partake in this part of the tour, but people of all ages are invited to learn more about the history of the company and the beer brewing process.

Cape Cod Brewery Tour

The Cape Cod Brewery staff provides you with details on the beer brewing process, as you sip the beers and choose your favorites at this microbrewery. You may even have the chance to ask the Brewmaster and President Todd Marcus questions or have him give you the tour. His career has grown from his status as a home beer brewer to brewer master in Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, and now Massachusetts. Thanks to him and his staff, thousands of barrels of beer are brewed in the local building, for all to enjoy.

If you visit the Cape Cod Brewery and guided tours are not being held, you can still enjoy samples of the beer, purchase merchandise, and buy new or refill old growlers. You can do a self guided tour and review informational brochures and guides they provide to learn more about the brewery as well. Plus make sure to look around and explore the vats, beer brewing equipment, and machinery at the Cape Cod Brewery on your Bluegreen trip.

Though you can enjoy Cape Cod beers in bars and restaurants in the area like Kream N Kone in Chatham, or Cape Cod’s Irish Pub. Cape Cod Brewery brews are available all around the Cape in bars and liquor stores, but visiting the actual brewery and filling up 64 ounces of fun, right from the source, into your growler, is unbeatable.

Cape Cod Brewery

Cape Cod Brewery offers a few beers year round, like the Red, which is an amber ale, and the Cape Cod IPA. Also the Cape Cod Beach Blonde Ale offers a refreshing and smooth tasting beer, any time of year. Perfect for summers in the Cape, the seasonal Cape Cod Summer beer is available April through September, and is a fruity wheat Hefe-Weizen to refresh you on your Bluegreen trip. There are also fall or winter specialty beers like the Old Man Winter or Berry Merry Holiday Ale to warm you up on the inside when the weather is far from pleasant outside.

Beyond just informative tours and beers galore, Cape Cod Brewery pride themselves on only selling their beer locally, recycling, using refillable growlers and kegs, and reusing water used in the brewing process. They are a brewery that is certified “Cape & Islands Green” and amongst the other things they do to be conscious of the environment, they also recycle spent grains, which are the leftovers from malt and grain, and pass them along to be used by farmers. On your next vacation to the Cape, why not visit a place that not only provides a variety of beers loved by the locals and guests to the area, but also cares about the environment in so many ways.